How I spent my Summer Vacation….

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and spring one, too…
Since I’m so behind, I’m going to post 5 months worth of pictures… here.

My Mom’s Birthday in Las Vegas. The birthday girl, along with Pam, made US cupcakes for the ride out through the desert, I guess that would make it dessert in the desert. (I never said I was hilarious… or did I?) This one is for ME! See, a “C”!
I don’t know why I thought this was so amusing… a bunch of guys and a TON of beer… being wheeled in on a nice bellhop’s cart. Neat. (Identities have been carefully altered to protect the innocent.)
THIS is what we came to see!!!
We stayed at the Mirage. The entry has a wonderful tropical garden theme going on. Your hard-earned gambling dollars at work.

More lush gardens… “oooh… ahhhhh”. Uh-huh. Where’s Siegfried?

Mirage’s lovely pool. We read that they have the best pool on the strip…

The back side of water!!! You can walk underneath the waterfall (which is quite deafening, btw) to the other side of the pool!

The view from our room

Our little dining companion

Very cool entry…

Okay… just need to say this… I LOVE Cirque Du Soleil. O is amazing, Ka… anything in a tent in Santa Monica, I love it. I guess… growing up with the Beatles and naming stuffed animals after their song characters put a very definite image in my head of each song. Combine that with emotions and love for the boys and bam, you have a recipe for disaster a la king. I expected the performances to be the little stories and animations in my head come to life. Somehow, I figured that everyone saw the same thing that I did and related to their music in the same way. It’s like… take the most magical music, stick the most whimsical sets in as a backdrop, throw in some acrobatics and put them together. You think… out of body experience, right? But… alas… we came to the conclusion that this was more interpretive dance than true Cirque. Moments of beauty, moments of cliche and moments of… “what the…?!?!” If you go in with an open mind, you will love it. I, on the other hand, am a brat. I won’t talk specifics but… all I have to say… lucy was in the sky, and indeed, there were diamonds.


This is a normal Sunday (when Nathan is not on call) around here. We stop being lazy at about 3:30 then get reaaallly bored. “Hey… what do you want to do?” “I dunno, what do YOU want to do?”
We do that for about another 30 minutes then leash the hound and head out on the open road. This particular Sunday we ended up at Sequoia National Forest. I’ve never been… and with 80 full minutes of sunlight to see the magnificent trees, it made our adventure even… more… errr… abbreviated, yet memorable.

Oh, the picture… cherries on the side of the road on the way up.
The hike down to see General Sherman. It’s not kidding.

I didn’t know trees came in XXXXXL.
And here is the main attraction… the General. Top Half.

Bottom Half.

Okay, I thought these only existed at California Adventure. (p.s… I think we should do the gnome-around-the-world gag with our dog)

I didn’t believe the postcards… That’s a truck nestled between those trees.
And an attractive porcelain deer… although, this one is real.

And on to our next adventure in July… LA to Florida to NC via 3 other states…

Our first adventure on this trip was us nearly missing our flight… We had a stop-over for what should have been 45 minutes. I’m not going to say anything, you can just look at the pictures…

Can anyone take a wild guess? But we were up in “vegas” for the second time… ever.

We stayed at the Yacht Club while in Walt Disney World… only my favorite place in the whole wide world. The Yacht Club hasn’t been my favorite resort destination on their property… but I’m glad we got to try it out.
A very lovely shot that Nathan took at the Yacht Club Dock to get into Epcot.
Ahh… Epcot… how we love you so. But, alas… on this trip, we almost had a date with disaster (I’m thinking in the tone of E!’s true Hollywood story narrator).
It was here at the World Showcase Mexican restaurant that the horrifying event occured… (although, this place looks awesome!)
THIS rock was in Nathan’s refried black beans. Holy Frijoles! (there I go again) In the darkness, he thought he had broken his front tooth. It was horrible. We got this mystery solid out into the light and we couldn’t believe it… a rock. This ruined our day. I contacted customer care and got a call back from a guy who… well… thinks mole-hills are still big. “Where I come from, finding a rock in your food tells you that it’s FRESH! So, you know that we use fresh food… although, this was an outside vendor and… **lame excuse here**” I love Disney. I mean… love them. This phone call… well… Disney thinks I’m an idiot. They think Nathan’s teeth aren’t important. This guy must not have any teeth because he comes from the land of quarry-a gratin. My Disney Love… down a few notches. That’s all. And I hope they read this, and that mouse, too.

We still had fun, despite the rock… on the people mover… which is being retired (rumor has it).

We always see the strangest things on or near Tom Sawyer’s Island. Last time, a gator (I need to dig up that picture and share!), this year… a very evil crane! Hard to see him, he’s on top of the wagon o’ beverages staring RIGHT at you in an evil-ish sort of way.

Okay… so we left WDW with all of our marbles and ran to the airport to go to NC. Delta had a pilot, but not a first captain. Then they had a first captain but no pilot. We ended up not having a crew so the flight was cancelled. They weren’t going to guarantee us a flight… only say… “errrr, maybe you’ll get there tomorrow??” So, we took matters into our own hands and rented a car!

“You’ll drive the first half and I’ll drive the second!” I said.
I slept through all of Georgia. I was way too tired to drive, Nathan was chivalrous enough to finish the 8 hour drive. We got to Durham, talked to our friends for 15 minutes then passed out. The day was a blur. And I had pictures from that day but they are lost in camera-land. Boo.

We did, however… have some pictures of our visit with Martha Stewart…. her homes, that is! In conjunction with KB homes, Ms. Stewart designed (or whatever) some lovely homes in the Raleigh area. Do you think she had anything to do with this besides point to that color green she always picks? I’m skeptical, but I loved the houses.

We didn’t get any pictures of the outsides for some reason… but we did get some interior shots…

First of all, this is my Cousin’s little girl, Kate… she should be a little spokesperson for KB because, let’s face it… babies sell. (isn’t she pretty darn adorable?)

I have to admit, the homes were nicely decorated but I hope that’s not why people were buying them. The interiors and floorplans were okay, one was bad (bedroom directly off the front entry). They all had a craftsman-feel inside. And I really only saw three exterior designs: Craftsman, farmhouse and one beachy/cottage-farmhouse. Again… some impressive details but… the planes flying loudly overhead, would have detoured me quickly.
My cousin Allison in one of the model kitchens.
Allison’s 2 youngest… Riley and Kate!
Back in Cary, NC, Mojo the french bulldog was dreaming about… treats and cooler weather.
The Q Shack. How I miss thee. I had some hush puppies, a chicken sandwich and Cheer Wine. Some good stuff. A bit o’ trivia… in the south and south-ish, you have to ask for your iced tea “unsweetened” if you don’t want a sugar syrup in it. By default, your tea will come loaded with sugar. Now you know.
Armadillos are funny. Even funnier when they are right under the menu holding a beer and… stuffed.
Nathan snapped this and said I should post it in the store!

This is how I will remember North Carolina… being lost. Even with our little GPS we couldn’t find anything… but a waffle house (dang it, they are everywhere!). We had a great time seeing everyone and are really looking forward to our second trip out this next week (yes, we missed them that much). We’re staying at the beach for a few days, should be a lot of fun :)

Jiminy Crickets! It’s 5:30 am!!! See, this is why I don’t blog… I get carried away ;) Have a great rest of the weekend everyone! :)


Bloggers Block…

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I haven’t been in a blogging mood lately… I just haven’t felt “crafty” or “creative” or like anything I had to share was new and/or noteworthy. I haven’t really made anything, too. Hmmm… too hot, perhaps? The summer… always puts me in a s-l-o-w and lazy mood.

I have a ton of pictures to share… a few stories… do you think it’s okay to post things that are old? :)

I did get some inspiration from Sandy at Art Tea Life… I have no idea where she gets the energy! So amazing and talented! And, she’s only one little town away!

So, let me try to remember that html stuff, sift through my hundreds of photos and I’ll be back soon!

Oh, and we got the webkinz… somehow my one order got tripled and I have to figure out how to get rid of them. If you are a store and want to buy them at cost, contact me… otherwise I need to hunt down my rep and make him pick up these darn ‘kinz!!!! over 400 of them… that I didn’t order… taking up a lot of room in my store. help.

What else… Halloween is up… I’m being daring and putting up a little bit of Christmas stuff this week aaannnndddd…. that’s it!

Lastly… we’re having an ant problem at the shop… I have to flick them off my leg and arm here and there, apparently I look like food. I was sitting at my desk and all of a sudden I see one crawling into my EYE!!! I run screaming into the bathroom… it was stinging SO bad and these are the little black guys!! In a panic, I flushed my eye out with water, still stinging. Finally, I pulled my bottom eyelid-thingy (technical term? I’m too freaked out to look it up) down to reveal that the little guy was dead… I had to pick him out of my EYE with a paper towel! EUGH, GROSS… I had no idea that would hurt so much. Ick. So… feeling defeated, I closed the store up early today, with a very red eye and shaken up quite a bit. I made 3/4 of a pair of earrings and watched a bad Keanu Reeves movie. Oh, the life of a jet-setting artist such as myself, never a dull moment ;)