Stop Motion Matches!

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Nathan (and I, sort of) participated in the 48 hour film project last weekend and went to the screening last night. We had a blast! This has inspired us to do more artsy film stuff. We don’t have a 35mm film movie camera, but we do have an amazing digital still camera… so we did a stop motion animation test using a box of matches:

It turned out quite well, for a 10 minute test with 70-something frames. So… we have the bug. We’re thinking of little stories to animate, both stop motion and 2d drawn stuff. I’m super excited :) It’s good experience for us both, but we are both so short on time, eek! I hope we can pull it off!

I’m convinced that Nathan is the next Spielberg ;) He has so much technical knowledge, it’s sort of humbling. I’m the one with the animation degree, but he knows soooo much more than I do! I like to build little sets, do the staging and come up with colorful characters, but he puts it all together with sound, creative camera angles and editing.

I may be turning the store into a production studio ;) hehe!

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