our trip, day four

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started the day with a trip to epcot. stopped in mexico at the world showcase to have lunch. we had a deep conversation about how mexican food is so much better in california and CRUNCH! nathan bit down on a ROCK embedded in his refried beans. we discussed this with the manager, who was nice but not very concerned. we were relieved no teeth were broken, but it sure was scary!

delta, oh boy, have you made 40 people very unhappy with you. first, disney scheduled us for the wrong time to depart on the airport shuttle, twice then our shuttle was delayed 30 minutes… everyone was nervous and irritated as we made our was to the orlando int’l airport. then we got 3 different emails from delta that our 5:50pm flight to North Carolina would be delayed, ultimately until 10:45 pm. after lots of waiting, our flight was cancelled. our entertainment for the evening was a highly entoxicated female executive who would slur her explitives at the front desk staff. as the story was told, the pilot finally showed up but then the first officer could not be found so we didn’t have a crew, yet it took them almost 4hours to figure this out. very unorganized. there were only 40 or so angry passengers, so nathan and i decided to wait to be last. we listened to each passenger argue their way into the hotel of their own choice…mostly the nicer hyatt hotel in the airport. when it was our turn we were offered the quality inn on the highway and the possibility to get on a plane bound for raleigh/durham at 11:45 am, but no guarantee. we discussed our options, other flights (they wouldn’t put us on a non-delta plane) and their “absolutely no guarantee” approach and decided we would leave our marbles in orlando and rent a car. we started driving and just over 9 hours later, we landed at scott and alicia’s. needless to say, delta will be getting a call and letter from us the second we get back. again, another over 24 hour day on this trip. ugh. quite the adventure though, 4 states in one night :)

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  1. art tea life said,

    July 24, 2007 at 9:52 pm

    okayyy WHO didn’t read my Merc in Retro blog entry ? ? ?

    Rock in food ? REallllly ? Good Grief !

    I hope it gets better C & N – this is not fun ! you deserve better ((SNIFF))

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