Our trip, day one

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First stop, vegas. We’re currently sitting in the mccarren airport, using their wifi and waiting for our connecting flight. I haven’t been in this airport in ages! Slot machines, neon… It’s pretty nifty! Next stop, orlando!!! Our park and ride at lax was quite the experience. Projectile windshield wiper fluid as defense… I’ll explain later. We couldn’t stop laughing though. It’s one of those awesome moments where we were laughing so hard, that nathan and i couldn’t look at each other or we’d burst into wild giggling again. Oh 5th grade, how i’ve missed you so! Typing from my phone is proving itself awkward, and our food is getting cold. Another report from the field to come soon!

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  1. Art Tea Life said,

    July 20, 2007 at 9:38 pm

    The Shuttle Service is Wild & Wooly isn’t it !! laughing! I KNOW !

    How FUN and what a great memory you kids will have !

    Typing from the phone ! So modern !!!

    (airport food…shudderrrrr)

    Hope you are safe and having a great time !

    It’s HOT here. Going over a hundred this weekend. You aren’t missing much.
    OH ! there was a big fire up in Sunland off the 210 Wenesday ! gulp !


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