She’s always on the move :)

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Cathi Milligan… is there anything she can’t do?

She’s in this month’s Craft Magazine with her macrame beaded curtain… a work of art! Take a look!

Click on the pictures to see the pages a wee bit bigger so you can read them!

I got a photo credit! Woo Hoo!! :)

I actually spent the day at Cathi’s with a bunch of friends… and torches and kittens! No kittens were harmed in that sentence. I have pictures on my camera phone of all the goings-on of the day. Once I figure out how to pull them off said phone I’ll share. There’s nothing like being surrounded by beginners playing with fire to get you inspired to make stuff ;)

On a side note… we are back from our vacation, still have pics to share. I’m getting ready to put out Halloween at the store and I’m completely overwhelmed by everything that is going on… but what else is new?

Hope everyone is enjoying the summer! :)


our trip, day five

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we crashed on scott and alicia’s couch for 4 hours,had our first meal in 24 hours then checked into our awesome hotel at duke university’s golf course. we got to wander around durham’s historical downtown and have coffee and eclairs at the mad hatter bakery. we returned our rental car (one-way rate) for a new one then got totally lost. turns out our gps unit is not updated with the area’s new roads, and there is construction everywhere. so a 1 hr trip took 3. with little sleep and a low tolerance for more time in the car, i sort of turned evil. but we just had room service and i’m in my jammies,so this monster is subdued, for now ;)

our trip, day four

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started the day with a trip to epcot. stopped in mexico at the world showcase to have lunch. we had a deep conversation about how mexican food is so much better in california and CRUNCH! nathan bit down on a ROCK embedded in his refried beans. we discussed this with the manager, who was nice but not very concerned. we were relieved no teeth were broken, but it sure was scary!

delta, oh boy, have you made 40 people very unhappy with you. first, disney scheduled us for the wrong time to depart on the airport shuttle, twice then our shuttle was delayed 30 minutes… everyone was nervous and irritated as we made our was to the orlando int’l airport. then we got 3 different emails from delta that our 5:50pm flight to North Carolina would be delayed, ultimately until 10:45 pm. after lots of waiting, our flight was cancelled. our entertainment for the evening was a highly entoxicated female executive who would slur her explitives at the front desk staff. as the story was told, the pilot finally showed up but then the first officer could not be found so we didn’t have a crew, yet it took them almost 4hours to figure this out. very unorganized. there were only 40 or so angry passengers, so nathan and i decided to wait to be last. we listened to each passenger argue their way into the hotel of their own choice…mostly the nicer hyatt hotel in the airport. when it was our turn we were offered the quality inn on the highway and the possibility to get on a plane bound for raleigh/durham at 11:45 am, but no guarantee. we discussed our options, other flights (they wouldn’t put us on a non-delta plane) and their “absolutely no guarantee” approach and decided we would leave our marbles in orlando and rent a car. we started driving and just over 9 hours later, we landed at scott and alicia’s. needless to say, delta will be getting a call and letter from us the second we get back. again, another over 24 hour day on this trip. ugh. quite the adventure though, 4 states in one night :)

our trip, day three

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very busy going on assorted rides at the magic kingdom and epcot. we had a wonderful dinner at Ohana at the polynesian resort then run back to epcot to go on test track. so much fun! collectively, we have about 15 blisters, but that’s the small price to pay for fun in florida. lightning and rain storms don’t phase any of the park goers… wow.


our trip, day two

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What a day! Going into 2 now… We have been up for 30 hours now, and as much as i would like to stay up and explore our hotel some more, we just are too exhausted! I learned 2 things, no, make that 3, over the last 12 hours:
1. Having a layover at the las vegas airport is good and bad. While we were up $140 on video poker, our listening ears shut off and we were just a few minutes from missing our flight. I happened to ask, knowing the plane was running late (but just not how late). They had to call and hold the plane for us. When we got inside everyone was seated and the overhead compartments were all closed! Eeek! How embarrasing!

2. I am no longer 15 or a single digit dress size. Plane seats are sooo uncomfy and we both could not sleep on the red eye as I had envisioned. Grumpy and achey, we got to our hotel at 7 am. Room wouldn’t be ready until 3. We reluctantly guzzled some coffee and hit epcot and animal kingdom.

3. Remember how i said i wasn’t 15 anymore? Well, it became even more apparent when we ran over to partake in their latest ride “Expedition Everest”. The buzz is, this ride is classic Disney; imaginative, lots of details and surprises. I had no idea. Starts out okay, everyone is “woo”ing and yelling. We go up, down, around and up… And wait. Mr. Confident single rider is putting his arms up in front of us, i look at his watch… Then we plunge backwards into the dark, in some sort of death spiral. I start hyper-ventilating and try to concentrate on breathing, eyes closed tight, feeling faintish. Anyone else out there forget to breathe on roller coasters or is it just me? The coolest part was the 15 foot realistic yeti, just how it looks in the wild ;)

Okay, time to pass out…can’t wait to share our pics and more stories!!


Our trip, day one

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First stop, vegas. We’re currently sitting in the mccarren airport, using their wifi and waiting for our connecting flight. I haven’t been in this airport in ages! Slot machines, neon… It’s pretty nifty! Next stop, orlando!!! Our park and ride at lax was quite the experience. Projectile windshield wiper fluid as defense… I’ll explain later. We couldn’t stop laughing though. It’s one of those awesome moments where we were laughing so hard, that nathan and i couldn’t look at each other or we’d burst into wild giggling again. Oh 5th grade, how i’ve missed you so! Typing from my phone is proving itself awkward, and our food is getting cold. Another report from the field to come soon!


Gems and Hay Fever…

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It’s 3:39 am. I woke myself up with the delightful “snurgle” of hay fever or a cold or whatever. You know how you are just bored enough to not want to work, but still sleepy and….well, dang it, I wish I could go back to sleep ;)

So… I haven’t been as creative as I would like lately. The store’s sale kept me so busy so I’ve been having dreams of various colored sticky dots (indicating the percentage off of a certain item) and not so much about painting, collaging or creating ;) Btw, I still have a few things on sale at the store, if you missed the “Sale”. You can still find some great bargains on certain items :)

However… I DID manage to make a few jewelry pieces:

This piece is on ebay. It’s a large smokey quartz briolette with a cluster of pink tourmaline on top. All sterling silver chain with the occassional smokey quartz here and there :) And the bidding start at 30% off the retail price.

Also on ebay…Matching earrings:

There are more pieces in my ebay shop and I’m working on filling up the store with new jewelry, too! :)

So, big news… my lifelong friend Kristina is getting married next month so I’ll be helping to plan a wedding shower, which should be fun :) So many ideas, so little time ;) For her wedding dress, she is looking for a pink sun dress or cocktail dress that is simple, yet elegant… if anyone out there has a suggestion, we’d love to hear it ;) I’ve never been good at finding dresses, for some reason? I would always get them made or settle with something I sort of liked.

We’re going on vacation next week so at least I’ll have plenty to share when I come back ;) The store will have odd hours for the next week:
Tuesday, July 17th – 11:00 am – 1:00 pm
Wednesday, July 18th – Closed
Thursday, July 19th – Closed
Friday, July 20th – 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Saturday, July 21st – 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Sunday, July 22nd – Closed (usually closed)
Monday, July 23rd – Closed (usually closed)
Tuesday, July 24th – Closed
Wednesday, July 25th – Back to normal hours (unless I’m completely sunburned!) – 11:00 am – 6:00 pm

So, ebay and website orders may be delayed this week :)

I’m going to attempt getting some sleep… anyone else experiencing the itchy, watery eyes and having a sneeze fest? ;)

Enjoy your weekend, and this not-as-hot-as-last-year July! :)


Canceling all Classes :(

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I’m very sad to report that I must cancel all of our summer workshop classes.

There were many factors that went into this decision…

But, there was one major issue that came up. Really, it’s not that bad, but I have to make changes to the workshop room, involuntarily, and canceling the classes was necessary.

Thanks to everyone for their help, support and inspiration!

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