Our First Class!!! (Minus details)

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We know the What and Where… the When & How much… well… that’s to be determined :)

You will be creating ATC’s or Artist Trading Cards. It’s like a calling card or business card, but better. Handmade using stamping, collaged images, vintage and new papers, rhinestones, glitter… you name it! Technically, you are supposed to trade them so you have many different ones from a variety of artists, but you can hoard your own, the decision is yours!

Here are some examples, courtesy of your instructor, Sue Thornton!

Details on the classes to come! Yay!! :)

To view our list of classes offered on our website (still needs updating, but it gives a general idea), please click here


10 weeks in the making…

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I’m a procrastinator. For one reason or another I can’t get things done at a good pace or a timely matter. It’s that whole hurry up and wait movie set thing, but backwards. I tend to be wishy washy for as long as possible then pounce on a project. I either love it to pieces or… well… don’t. The opposite of this is when I work on something a little at a time and when I’m finished, I inevitably don’t care for it at all. There’s something about extreme creating. I’ve lost a few of you in the back, I apologize.

Behold… our new postcard…

Those of you on the mailing list, you’ll get one of these soon… if you aren’t on that list and would like to be, email me :)

That’s all I have for now… the day chock full o’ errands has caught up with me :) Night! :)

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