Re-Leash the Hound!

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Okay, so… it’s another pun, but it makes me giggle more than it should. You see, we like to take our dog everywhere with us and the other night we were in and out of the car quite frequently and I coined the phrase “Re-leash the hound” to get ready for our next mini adventure etc and so on… Use it in a sentence tomorrow, I dare ya!

I’ve been doing the jewelry thing again… thought I would share a few pictures :)

That’s my workspace… anywhere there’s an a/c and cable tv ;)

Here’s a bracelet with Cathi’s beads and tons of dangling crystals… oh, and a loose heart pendant

Just one of my many bead boxes… this one is filled with glass cupcakes, little glass birds and other assorted goodies

A couple pairs of dangle earrings… need to make about 20 more pairs… well, that’s my goal by this Saturday at least ;)
Have I mentioned I have a thing for greens, blues and other ocean colors?

Our water heater is broken and I adore cold showers as much as the next person but… dang it! At least it’s been 90 out lately to counteract the temperature difference of my skin. I loathe hot weather, glad I live in the middle of a desert with a/c boxes that cool a 3 foot semi-circle. Sorry, grumpy… didn’t have my latte today ;)

We did, however, consume the best gelato this side of… errr… Italy. Melt Gelato in Montrose. I thought it was a “mom-and-pop”, but it isn’t! They are tucked in a little 2 story mini mall, hidden among the small businesses. Is this the wave of the future? (I’m slow) Large businesses and franchises disguised as small businesses? No, it’s been around, but I like to create long sentences about it. The gelato was amazing, they also serve crepes and we are definately going back, if not only to take pictures of their gelato sculptures! Pinguino is obsessed with pink berry frozen yogurt… that’s next on the “80 frozen treats in 80 days tour”. I should write a complete essay about frozen dessert movements. Who can forget Heidi’s Frogen Yozurt, Penguin’s Frozen Yogurt, dippin’ dots… and TCBY at the airports (Some of these are still around). Now there is Cold Stone, marble slab, 21 choices and Maggie Moo’s. Funny how the trends move all around. Why do I find this extremely interesting??

So much to do before the weekend… we are offering fresh flowers on Friday, Saturday and Sunday… I’ll post our hours in an official announcement post… aaannnnddd… need to get more Mother’s Day cards printed and jewelry made! Nothing like last minute to keep you going! :)

Important Programming Note!

Oh, and I had a few visitors from BlogLand this weekend! Sandy from Sam I am Creations (and she totally bought a bird that looks just like the one on her header) and her friend Iva (who needs to shoot me an email so I can check out her blog). Okay, I’m so horribly bad about being surprised (although, she did mention that she was coming out… talk about scattered… how do I dress myself?) because my brain just doesn’t work that way. I need to know what’s going on or coming my way every moment or I will make a bit of an ass of myself :) (This includes phone calls from someone who may have *just* left my store!) Sandy introduced herself and mentioned something about receiving a package from me and I thought…. from the giveaway? I JUST sent it, wow! the USPS sure is speedy (it was actually an ebay win from eeeearrrlly that week)! And I totally thought she was someone else and thought of a different blog in my head. Bra-ill-yiant. Me. Thank you. *Bow*.
So, if you come up and introduce yourself… give me approximately 90 seconds to run to the computer, do my “ooooohhhh, that’s YOU!” bobbing, nodding head thing… then re-introduce yourself. It may just sink in after that. I never said I was smart.
(*I’m good with puns though*)


Here’s Meg telling me we should hit the road again… it’s too hot in the house and she’s wishing the entire house was made out of ceramic tile! :)

Have a good Wednesday everyone! :)


  1. Graycee said,

    May 9, 2007 at 1:11 am

    The jewelry looks great!

    And don’t ya just love it when you take a shower and then after about 10 minutes you need another one b/c it’s so hot and yucky! :-)

    I loved Penguin’s Frozen Yogurt! People used to stand in line when one first opened in our city . . . ahhh, I miss frozen yogurt . . . chocolate was my favorite, of course.

  2. Tyn said,

    May 9, 2007 at 7:52 pm

    I love a good pun!!! :)

  3. sandy said,

    May 9, 2007 at 8:15 pm

    BWwwaaahahahahahaah!! Girl!! You Crack me UP!!! lol
    Your posts are always so much fun to read..and now even BETTER cuz i have SEEN you in person :) hehehehe
    You are too cute!! and your shop is just to die for! I’d never want to leave!!! Im gonna have to work on the hubby about moving CLOSER lol just so I can come take workshops! lol
    We had the bestest time…we took your advice and went to see “Family Fare”..and also Zinnias..the doo-dad shop.. HOW FUNNNNN is THAT Place?? Man!!! I started to twitch..I swear!! :)
    I post some pics on my blog.. and am now kicking myself because I should have gotten brave to ask you if it would have been ok to take pics of the INSIDE of your adorable shop…duhhhh.. :(
    Next time!! :)
    Love the Jewelry.. decided that those pretty Pink earrings that I bought (did you make those???).. should be for ME..so i put them in on my way home :)
    ANd yes.. LOVE my bird..and he looks so sweet on my kitchen window next to my other one :) A Match made in Heaven :)
    thanks again carrie.. it was so fun meeting you!!!!!

  4. Alicia said,

    May 10, 2007 at 2:36 pm

    and who organized that bead box for you?!?


  5. Art Tea Life said,

    May 11, 2007 at 6:48 pm

    dddd-ddroool over the jewelry and beadbox…

    it HAS been so HOT jeeeez. I love your suggestion / tip for the gelato and have every intention of checking it out.

    Eighty frozen desserts in eighty days ? Can I go with ?
    (fire up the hot air balloon ?)

    Chuckled over the Sam I Am meeting with “Sandy”

    OMG I am so sorry to hear about the hot water heater.
    We had that little investment opportunity pop into our lives the week before Christmas…

    At least it is warm out, if that helps at ALL.

    One more thing in the midst of your Everything.

    xo- chin up, knockers out. – S.

  6. Art Tea Life said,

    May 11, 2007 at 6:50 pm

    oh that is funny – I take it ALICIA organized the bead box !

  7. Jaime said,

    May 25, 2008 at 7:56 pm

    Hi there,

    Found you by accident when looking for glass bird beads – imagine that! Would you be interested in making/selling a bracelet or necklace made of those birds? Thanks in advance for your consideration!


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