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I wish I had a camera strapped to my head, able to take pictures at a moment’s notice in any direction.

Why? you ask…

Because the oddest little man just poked his head in the door of the shop, was examining the bell tied to the door on a ribbon and tried to STEAL it. He looked up at me, I shook my head “no” like I would at our Golden Retreiver (who would GET it, too) and he carefully looked at the bell again, then slowly closed the door and slinked away. I want to name him Rumplestiltzkin… he looked like what I think he would look like… etcetera. Or, Magpie… since obviously he likes shiney things.

What I really came here to blog about is OUR CLASSES! YAY!!! As I type, our first class is in full swing! :) Yippee!

Here is our class schedule (You can also find the permanent link living on the top right of this page)

Whimsical Workshop Class Schedule as of May 17, 2007 – Please check back for updates!

Thursday, May 31st
12:00 noon – 2:00 PM – $45.00
Artist Trading Card Workshop with Susan Thornton
Please click here for more information and to sign up!
Saturday, June 2nd
2:00 pm – 4:00 PM – $45.00
Memory Glass Pendant/Brooch Workshop with Rachael Doudrick
Please click here for more information and to sign up!
Thursday, June 7th
1:00 pm – 3:00 PM – $45.00
Memory Glass Pendant/Brooch Workshop with Rachael Doudrick
Please click here for more information and to sign up!
Saturday, June 9th
1:00 pm – 4:00 PM – $45.00
Collage Art Box, Purse & Tags Workshop with Maylene Au
Please click here for more information and to sign up!
Saturday, June 16th
1:00 pm – 4:00 PM – $60.00
Tin Faire House Workshop with Tyn Atol
Please click here for more information and to sign up!
Saturday, June 23rd
2:00 pm – 5:00 PM – $55.00
Tiny Book Necklace Workshop with Rachael & Sharon
Please click here for more information and to sign up!
Saturday, July 7th
1:00 pm – 4:00 PM – $50.00
Fast & Fun Picture Frame Workshop with Tyn Atol
Please click here for more information and to sign up!

Coming soon… Artful Shadow Boxes, instructed by Joe Carrion and Soap making 101: the basics, instructed by Carrie Hannegan and much more! :)

So, what are you waiting for?!? :) Sign up and meet some awesome people… and have a vintage soda pop! :) We can only accomodate 4 crafters at a time, so space is limited!

So much more to blog about… after I get through paperwork central, I’m SO going to bombard everyone with more stuff! Happy Thursday to all!


My Dogs are barking!

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What a day! Hit the ground running and barely had time to sit down today at all… that’s a “hit the pillow and pass out immediately when you get home” sort of day.

I spent over 5 hours hanging up chinese lanterns in the art workshop room… I then turned out the overhead lights, took a step back and absorbed the fruits of my labor… The twinkling lights in the lanterns, the beautiful color and playfulness of the lanterns as they sway in the air conditioning… then thought to myself… what the @%#! was I thinking opening this can of worms… I should have left well enough alone, this project has been weeks in the making and from all the ceiling tile shuffling, I got fiberglass and dirt all over everything. It’s semi-enchanting in a smothering, ceiling-is-swallowing-me-whole sort of way.

But isn’t it just that lover-ly? (And it isn’t even done yet!!!! ARgH!)

And the “Art Shelf of Wonder” is coming along beautifully (I can’t take any credit for this!):

Our Sale is well under way… many things in the store are 20% off! The sale will run through this Saturday which is our Anniversary party!

I’m completely overwhelmed, things aren’t ready for our big party on Saturday and I’m behind on my correspondence and paperwork… and little unexpected things keep creeping up… like Midwest sending our entire Halloween order… which isn’t HUGE, but enough to make me want to leave it on the street for someone to take. Susan had a great idea… wrap them up like presents since it IS our Birthday party and it could be really cute decor. Clever… but I like the leave in the street thing since they’d be gone ;) It’s super cute stuff, just… wow…. early. Mental note… another thing to add to your “The Business of Bliss and other Fairy Tales” book… again, kidding. I love that book. But… if you are thinking of going into business for yourself… and you aren’t familiar with running a business… ask at least a dozen people in the field you are looking at going into. OH! And sidenote, I heard Victoria Magazine is coming back! Yayyyy! But seriously, I love a “you go, girl!” book as much as the next person, but as far as day-to-day business(in the retail world, to be specific)… there’s got to be something more “real”.

Sorry, long day… brings out the whiner in me.

“Well begun is half done”… I’ve made a list… that’s a start!

OH! Our classes are coming together!!! We have some AWESOME projects scheduled for the following month with some amazing teachers (most of whom are published and/or had their pieces in an art gallery!). I’m going to be adding a few more classes over the next few days and I may teach a class. I’m thinking bath products 101. Something super easy. And I want to hear from YOU! What do you want to learn how to make? What sounds fun to you? :)

On the next episode of scatterbrain’s blog of mystery:
1. Sandy!!!! I owe you an email!!! I want you to teach here!!! I took pictures of your lovely gifts to Sue and I and want to blog about them!
2. Sue C. is making charms using my cupcake art, you must see!
3. Cathi! I have like… 5 people wanting to get on the torch all at once… hope you have some free time coming up!
4. There’s a little story about us in the local paper, The Foothills Paper! Many thanks to Gayle for her hard work and awesome writing skills!
5. Another giveaway! I haven’t even sent the winning item to the last winner! ugh! I’m just THAT behind!
6. My life-changing epiphany at an estate sale
7. The price of gas is scary, I’m going to buy a scooter
8. Roof dust & fiberglass insulation stings the eyes quite badly
…. and other misadventures!

I’m behind on my blog reading, commenting and email composing… I promise I’ll get to that next week after a long day of loafing as a bumper :)


I can blog from anywhere now!

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This could be a good thing, or a bad thing, depending on how you look at it… i got a new phone, bogo (nathan got one for work and mine was freeeee), and it is smarter than my first computer! so now I can bring you all with me everywhere i go! hehe!!


On a very slow day…

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I sit in my little crammed office and wonder what I’m going to do to busy myself today. Nathan brought in food from the Olive Branch and I’m sort of nibbling on it, glancing around and thanking gravity for not knocking over the bags and boxes of ebay items I have everywhere. My physics teacher would say I should thank friction and the texture of the bags and cardboard (He would say, your car isn’t pushing you along, the street is) not gravity. I was almost an engineering major, if you can imagine that.

I made it through Mother’s Day! It was so super busy every day leading up to and the morning of. We had many dads come in, all of whom made suggestions on how to improve my signage because they couldn’t find the place. I have so many comments on this floating around in my head, I wouldn’t know where to start! Things like, the city of Glendale and their policies on signage blah blah blah, your wife can find this place easily, “do you want to install it?” and other things like that. Next time, hot air balloon directly above the store… I really like that idea.

I’m going to confess something… my family mostly knows all about this, Nathan certainly knows, but many of you do not.

I have a balloon phobia. I’m terrified of them.

It’s the potential to pop thing that sends my stomach into knots and my ears and eyes on high alert. I cannot eat at a restaurant on “kids’ night”. There are too many potential dangers, including me choking if a balloon popped at the exact moment I were to take a bite and gasp.

Susan was so kind on Sunday… she ran to Albertson’s and got me a bunch of balloons. She was very understanding… and because of her, many of you got Mother’s day gifts because your husband found the place ;) Kristina watched the store in the morning and had lots of floral arrangements and plants… she did a gorgeous job!
A bucket of flowers and a birdie…
Kristina made little arrangements and put them in ice cream cups, flour sifters and other fun containers!

The “Whimsical Workshop” room is coming together. Susan has added some awesome touches and jars of fun goodies that you can glue onto your projects. Lots of little plastic and metal doo-dads and odds & Ends…

A “privacy map” screen… I love this!

And a few pictures of the front display with our new dress!!! It’s more Sandra Dee than Doris Day, but I absolutely adore it! If you need any vintage clothing (the most GORGEOUS dresses!) please check out Mj’s auctions on ebay in her ebay store, This is Wear it’s at now and then, you will NOT be disappointed!

Well, I have over 50 food servers to unpack, that’ll give me something to do! And I’m still working on organizing those classes. I’ve had a bit of interest and all I can say is “I’m still working out the kinks!” but we are getting there and almost ready to announce actual dates! Please check back!!!!


Need a Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift? Live in the LA Area? :)

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Come on up!

Violets are Blue
3610 1/2 Foothill Blvd.
La Crescenta, CA 91214
(818) 541-1115
Mapquest Map to Violets are Blue

We’ll be open on Mother’s Day, May 13th, from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm (or whenever the herd subsides)

And we have fresh flower arrangements and plants in wonderful vintage containers and vases at GREAT prices!

We also have jewelry, fun home decor, vintage and new aprons, teacups, teapots and lots more!

Come say hello and get all your goodies gift wrapped for FREE!

Happy Mother’s day to everyone! :)

I’m neglecting my post!

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Post at the front of the shop, that is! The place is packed and I’ve got kittens on the brain :)

One of my customers brought in these kittens… and I just. can’t. stand. it.

I WANT ONE!!!!!!

Maybelline or “May” for short? :) She has an “M” on her forehead & black eyeliner!!

They are “free to a good home” so call me if anyone wants one and they are in the area! I can’t stand the cuteness!
I really want “May”, however, I’m already sneezy, itchy and headachy because I’m allergic :( Please give me an excuse to get her! Please please please!!! :)

Must get back to work… customers will start to wonder, all they can hear is frantic typing from my little computer cave in the back!


It’s now 7:04pm and I have to say, it’s strange how the universe works ;)

So, Charlotte, the kitties’ owner, brought “May” back at 6:00 so Nathan and Meg could meet her. By this point, 3 out of the 5 kittens had new homes (So, if you are interested in a little orange male, let me know!) Nathan came up to the shop with our very large golden retriever, Nutmeg, and instantly, “May” was hissing and very upset about the large beast trying to lick her. We reluctantly said we’d take the kitty home and try her out for a couple of days. It didn’t feel 100% right, but I couldn’t resist her sweet little face.

We were getting ready to close and take our new kitty to the pet shop to get a litter box, toys etc… and in runs a little girl out of breath, then her sister. They had been in earlier with their Dad, shopping for Mother’s Day. (When he saw the kitten we were thinking of in the pile o’ kittens, he said “You should name her Violet!”. And we thought that was a splendid idea!) They had gone home and told their Mom, Sandie, about the kittens and after a few hours, they came back up to get her. We spent a good 10 minutes re-telling the story of how we were going to take her home, but we weren’t sure… but now I think it was meant to be that she go home with you etc and so on and long winded… as usual. I couldn’t resist the large grins on their little faces, I thought the kitty should be theirs, hands down!

They are going to name her “Violet”… I think it was meant to be, don’t you? :)

Too perfect :)


And the winner is…

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Jill at Bailiwick Designs!

Sorry so short… apparently, it’s Teacher Appreciation Week on top of it being Mother’s Day eve eve eve… so, back to work!
I just got tons of new ribbon! I must share that and more finished jewelry later!

Congrats to Jill and keep an eye out for the next Giveaway!


Re-Leash the Hound!

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Okay, so… it’s another pun, but it makes me giggle more than it should. You see, we like to take our dog everywhere with us and the other night we were in and out of the car quite frequently and I coined the phrase “Re-leash the hound” to get ready for our next mini adventure etc and so on… Use it in a sentence tomorrow, I dare ya!

I’ve been doing the jewelry thing again… thought I would share a few pictures :)

That’s my workspace… anywhere there’s an a/c and cable tv ;)

Here’s a bracelet with Cathi’s beads and tons of dangling crystals… oh, and a loose heart pendant

Just one of my many bead boxes… this one is filled with glass cupcakes, little glass birds and other assorted goodies

A couple pairs of dangle earrings… need to make about 20 more pairs… well, that’s my goal by this Saturday at least ;)
Have I mentioned I have a thing for greens, blues and other ocean colors?

Our water heater is broken and I adore cold showers as much as the next person but… dang it! At least it’s been 90 out lately to counteract the temperature difference of my skin. I loathe hot weather, glad I live in the middle of a desert with a/c boxes that cool a 3 foot semi-circle. Sorry, grumpy… didn’t have my latte today ;)

We did, however, consume the best gelato this side of… errr… Italy. Melt Gelato in Montrose. I thought it was a “mom-and-pop”, but it isn’t! They are tucked in a little 2 story mini mall, hidden among the small businesses. Is this the wave of the future? (I’m slow) Large businesses and franchises disguised as small businesses? No, it’s been around, but I like to create long sentences about it. The gelato was amazing, they also serve crepes and we are definately going back, if not only to take pictures of their gelato sculptures! Pinguino is obsessed with pink berry frozen yogurt… that’s next on the “80 frozen treats in 80 days tour”. I should write a complete essay about frozen dessert movements. Who can forget Heidi’s Frogen Yozurt, Penguin’s Frozen Yogurt, dippin’ dots… and TCBY at the airports (Some of these are still around). Now there is Cold Stone, marble slab, 21 choices and Maggie Moo’s. Funny how the trends move all around. Why do I find this extremely interesting??

So much to do before the weekend… we are offering fresh flowers on Friday, Saturday and Sunday… I’ll post our hours in an official announcement post… aaannnnddd… need to get more Mother’s Day cards printed and jewelry made! Nothing like last minute to keep you going! :)

Important Programming Note!

Oh, and I had a few visitors from BlogLand this weekend! Sandy from Sam I am Creations (and she totally bought a bird that looks just like the one on her header) and her friend Iva (who needs to shoot me an email so I can check out her blog). Okay, I’m so horribly bad about being surprised (although, she did mention that she was coming out… talk about scattered… how do I dress myself?) because my brain just doesn’t work that way. I need to know what’s going on or coming my way every moment or I will make a bit of an ass of myself :) (This includes phone calls from someone who may have *just* left my store!) Sandy introduced herself and mentioned something about receiving a package from me and I thought…. from the giveaway? I JUST sent it, wow! the USPS sure is speedy (it was actually an ebay win from eeeearrrlly that week)! And I totally thought she was someone else and thought of a different blog in my head. Bra-ill-yiant. Me. Thank you. *Bow*.
So, if you come up and introduce yourself… give me approximately 90 seconds to run to the computer, do my “ooooohhhh, that’s YOU!” bobbing, nodding head thing… then re-introduce yourself. It may just sink in after that. I never said I was smart.
(*I’m good with puns though*)


Here’s Meg telling me we should hit the road again… it’s too hot in the house and she’s wishing the entire house was made out of ceramic tile! :)

Have a good Wednesday everyone! :)

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