Free Shipping on my Ebay Items! :)

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I have marathon-listed over 60 items in my ebay store (and I have even MORE to add over the next 24 hours)… if you purchase over $50.00 worth of goodies, I’ll give you free shipping.

Most Easter items are 20-50% off so please take a look if you like Spring goodies, as I do :)

At check out, please send me a note that says “pssst… I’m supposed to get free shipping!” and I’ll send you an invoice via ebay sans shipping! If you spend over $100.00 I’ll give you something absolutely free on TOP of the free shipping… how about that! ;) I know I’m reaching, it’s late…

Wait until you see what Susan and I are planning for the next round of displays for Mother’s day and Father’s day… it’s Doris Day meets Indiana Jones. Oh, and the new classroom is going to be a magic fairy wonderland… I think I want to live there.

Toodle-ooo and have a great Thursday!!!!


Giveaway #2!!!!

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Just thought I’d throw one in!!

You could win this lovely prize…

A little box with a nest and eggs on it, outlined in glitter. Inside the little box are three little speckled eggs. Perfect for your Spring decor! :) This is from Katharine’s Collection… if I was allowed to take pictures of their showroom at the mart, you would absolutely gasp… it is SO amazing… I fell in love with their merchandise instantly!

So, this time around, for every 50 comments I get, a new item will be added :)

1. One entry per person
2. entries will be taken until midnight my time (west coast) on wednesday, april 18th
3. Name(s) will be be drawn on thursday, april 19th
4. International entries are welcomed :)

I think that’s it!

April 16th – we just hit 50 comments!
Sooo… I’ll add… something…. later on the 17th :) Keep the posts coming! hehe!


Playing with my *new* camera…

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Okay, so it’s not that new, but it’s sort of new to me since I thought it was technologically superior than I and would mock me as I tried to use it. The secret is… it isn’t hard to use, it just takes a little bit of skill to get the pictures out of the camera.

Kristina brought some awesome flower arrangements that she put together herself to the going away party, so I decided to take some pictures of them… We’ll probably have similar arrangements for sale at the shop for Mother’s Day so if you want a unique arrangement for Mom, check here or the shop first :)

Roses & Hydrangeas in a vintage tall vase….
Assorted flowers in a little green enamel bucket…
Roses & Hydrangeas in a terracotta pot…
All gerberas…
Daffodils that my Aunt Dee brought to the party :)

Meg was keeping me company in the yard, and as usual, she has to sniff all the flowers :) She’s really a “girly” dog. She stops and smells flowers on our walks, too…

Pink roses and Blue Hydrangeas in a pink pedestal

This one is my favorite!!

We had a lovely Easter Sunday… Brunch at Aunt Dee’s then over to visit May and Rob… we learned a lot about real estate and had some brownies :) Tomorrow Sue and I will be setting up the classroom!!! We’ll be having those classes sooner than I thought! yay!

Have a great week, hope you enjoyed your weekend everyone!!!!


Hippity Hoppity! :)

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Just a quick entry to say Happy Easter! Enjoy your hunting, decorating, egg dyeing, feasting, “bunny corn” consuming or anything else you do :) (Mimosa, anyone?)

p.s… thanks for all the wonderful and encouraging comments below! You guys are AWESOME!!! But I never doubted that for a second ;)



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Just 2 hours ago, some JERK passed me FOUR BAD Travelers Cheques.

YOU need to know this if you come in contact with the public and take money… I didn’t know most of this.

I visited this webpage and called the 800 # at the bottom of the page. Visa was NOT helpful, I have to admit. Athough, it does remain to be seen, I’m still in the process of filing a complaint.

Basically, you call the number, it asks the following:

1. Does the check have such and such bank on the bottom right (yes, and next)
2. Do you see the watermark of a dove on the left hand side (yes, although it’s muddy, but yes… next)
3. Do you see the foil strip on the right (yes… next)
4. Is the person present or did you check their signature and it matched up?(yes, I checked his driver’s license and the signature matched the two sign, next)
5. GET THIS… Are you happy with the transaction? (he spent a bunch of money, I’m still not sure if these are bad checks, he was super friendly… I “guess” I’m happy with the transaction? next…)
6. Here’s your confirmation number, write it on the check, thanks for using visa!

Something still isn’t right… the fact that the guy RAN out of the store is one clue, the second clue is the pantone “orange” they used for the visa logo was more of a red hue, I still wasn’t happy.

Called wamu, they couldn’t help me, called the visa 800# again and just happened to get the menu that a “$500 AAA (automobile club) check could be bad”. Got Silvia on the phone…

Dude has been gone about 30 minutes at this point. Silvia asks me all sorts of questions, how does the paper feel, what does the watermarked dove look like, then she asks for the numbers. Another 30 minutes goes by and I’m starting to get angry because it took 30 minutes for her to say “it might be bad, you should send them to us”. I’m not sending $400.00 of “might be bad” checks anywhere! She finally, FINALLY admits that the numbers are “not in the system” at the end of 45 minutes. Then she tells me to call the police and take a report.

Glendale PD got here pretty fast… they are AWESOME. If they would have been here 5 minutes into me getting the checks (I called visa RIGHT away because I had a feeling…) they could have found the guy running down the street with 4 large VAB bags with pink and purple tissue sticking out. We’ll have to see what my cameras come up with, also, they are checking the checks for prints… I know mine are ALL over them.

I walked around the store with this guy, talked to him about how he’s moving here from Atlanta, helped him pick out stuff for his mother, his girlfriend, his nieces and nephews… he touched my shoulder and told me I wouldn’t have to wrap anything, that his cousin could do it. He was a computer programmer and he wants to move to Encino.

He said his name was Michael Alba. He was about 6’1″ ish (I’m thinking shorter now) and looked like a cross between Carlos Mencia and George Lopez. He had a very friendly face but when he said he was a programmer and his hands were SUPER rough, I kind of knew then, too. He was in his early 40’s, wearing a bright blue top with a zipper and long shorts.

He bought (and his comments):

Two Candles @19.99 each – “These smell so wonderful!”
A purse for $42.00 “I saw something like this back home for $300!”
A wallet for $16.50 “Do you think this matches? I really think my sister will love it!”
two bags @ $56.99 each “This will be perfect for my girlfriend at the beach… the other is for my Mom!”
a Baby Bib at $11.99 He didn’t say anything but I’m telling you now, I put a hex on it
A keychain for $4.99 “This matches the purse!”
Some candy 4 @ $5.99 “Oh! Easter is on sunday! I need this for my nieces and nephews! they’ll love it!”
and some other little things… I’m too angry to remember right now… roughly, he got $110 in cash (he did two transactions back to back) and $290 in merchandise.

I feel violated. I’m upset. I feel like I can’t trust anyone. I want to close the shop. I NEED your help!!! Please send me good thoughts as I’m so irritated now and want to lock those doors and not ever expose myself to anyone who could harm me again AND send “shame on you!” thoughts to this loser who could take advantage of someone who was so sweet and helpful to him. UGH!!!!! This is still so fresh in my mind so I’m sure it’s more “mellowdramatic” than it will be later tonight. But… Ugh.

I am never ever ever taking traveler’s checks or large bills from anyone ever ever ever again! so there!

Especially AAA Visa Travelers Cheques that are FRAUDULENT… and Visa didn’t do much to help…I’m saying it again… hope someone from Visa, somehow reads this and shows me, a small business owner some PITY and gives me just a PART of my loss back… if you do that Visa… I’ll sing your praises and let everyone know how wonderful and helpful you are instead of debating whether or not to take your card ever again at my shop. Your company gets how much from me in merchant fees (thousands of dollars over the past few years) and now when I need Visa’s help, they do nothing. I feel even dirtier. Yuck.

Later that evening…
We visited an “investing in real estate” mini-seminar this evening and had a lovely dinner at the Cheesecake Factory in Riverside. Then, we went on a long walk and I was searching for little VAB bags down all the dark allies, trash cans and empty lots. I really hope he chokes on that pretty merchandise he stole from me. I wonder if he ditched it right away or really did give them as gifts? All jerky stuff aside, we had a great day today… sold a ton of Easter goodies and had a few internet sales, so it more than makes up for all this drama. One of my customers was there when the police were taking a report and asked how I was and what happened. I told her and she was so incredibly sweet about it. “If there is anything I can do, just let me know!” You’re doing it, the caring and smiles helps more than you know, thank you :)


Back in the saddle again…

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I’ve been making jewelry for about 16 years and I just haven’t had time to make anything semi-creative in a while… so last night, while watching a bad action flick, I made a few things…

I have many wonderful Cathi beads, including lots of cupcakes, that will be made into bracelets and necklaces over the next few days, I’ll be sure to post them :) Especially with the response to Sue’s bracelets! Yikes! They are are sold now, some of them twice :)

I’m feeling the odd weather and full moon in the air today… been a strange day and I’m really feeling the need to go home and do absolutely nothing at the moment. A few wanderers (apart from my awesome regulars, who I love) have come in today and been either sick or grumpy. Now, I’m a bit grumpy… I may need to go see Rachael and smother her puppies until their ample amount of cuteness overwhelms me :)

I’m going to be listing some Easter stuff (on Sale!) in my Ebay Store so check it out if you are interested :) I should have it up by the end of tomorrow. Bethany Lowe, Midwest and other collectible Springy goodies.

Is Wednesday over yet??

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