Lost of a sea of stuff… and mount purse-uvious…

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Waiting in line for a Nightmare Before Christmas pin at Disneyland (Nathan LOVES pin lines!), a fellow pin enthusiast said something to the effect of… “They have zero Zeros”. We groaned. A lady popped in out of nowhere and said “Are you good at puns? I just LOVE puns!” And that is where the pun started. And lots of them… but I’ll get back to that later.

Where do I start… from the beginning! Susan… she is big on crafts and vintage. Her home is a virtual prop house full of wonderful things she’s found on her multiple pre-dawn treasure hunts. We got to talking and she’s willing to be our workshop hostess starting in the beginning of May. For you lucky locals, she’ll be offering vintage paper collage art and you’ll be able to tap into her vast collection of vintage ephemera and knowledge of assemblage and collage. We started decorating the new classroom and I started cooking up ideas for the rest of the store. I’d randomly ask her… “Do you happen to have an old what-see-doodle?” She’d think for a second and nod. I’d start up again… “I’m thinking beachy… how about a table this high and this long for a stage and some fun little things to…kind of gidget-y”. I would get a yes immediately. I tried to stump her with taxidermy, but she has a stuffed pheasant apparently. Long story short, we dove into the deep end of vintage and it’s been amazing, yet quite overwhelming.

Let’s start with the “Dad the British Safari Explorer & fan of geography and archaeology”… what did Sandy say? Jewel in the Crown? Not familiar, but it looks excellent!

We’re working on all sorts of botanical prints, maps, globes, old postcards from Africa… Susan brought up some old riding boots, an old butterfly net… lots of very cool things!!
Super hard to see because of the glare, facing outward is a bamboo vanity with steamer trunks, a globe and other various fun things.

The odd looking shell sculpture in the picture above is actually a little lamp. A similar one is featured on the cover of “Kitschy Crafts“. Along with that centerpiece, we are doing other odd but fantastic shell sculptures, old sea and beachy items as well as a “Coney Island” beachy pink sherbet colors sort of display with salt water taffy and complete with a vintage bubble gum pink swimsuit. Susan may even bring up the top of an old pinball machine from Miami beach with bathing beauties on it. Too cool!

Going over to the other side of the store…

This is sort of a… “Mom’s vanity with lots of fun stuff for you to play with” display :) Vintage sewing box, buttons, fun hats, purses and jewelry.

When you turn the corner, there’s a lot of teapots and vintage teacups and assorted tea-related items.

Various tea goodies…
Look at the old hi-fi (Thank you Melanie!) with the awesome little phone! This is all in the window. This is going to be the “Doris Day” area. We got two “slipper” chairs and a great old desk and I’m waiting for that awesome blue poofy dress for the dress form. When I get this all set up, I’ll take a full picture, but I don’t want to share until it’s all ready ;)
Okay now, this is the COOLEST!!! Susan found an old hollowed-out TV set and we stuck in our own TV!!! We put it in the window facing out, therefore the glarey picture. We’ve been playing Some Like it Hot and when you walk or drive by, I’m told it looks really neat. I’m in the process of looking for a timer so I can set this up and let it play at night. On the other side I’m working on a set dinner table and possibly a cliche 50’s family’s dinner setting, complete with coon-skin cap for the Davy Crockett loving son, let’s call him “Junior”. Susan even found an old black and white photo with an adorable 6 year old boy standing in front of a TV just like this one… I have to scan it, it’s too perfect!
Again, hard to see since this was taken from the outside looking in, it’s a large gold oval frame hanging in the window which I LOVE. I’ll take an evening shot when the TV is on and it’s all lit up, it’ll look neat-o!

Okay… and now for the bad pun. On Monday, I went downtown to purchase purses and jewelry. I got some of those, how do I say this… ummm… “Brighton-like” bags. Leather, the heart, the works… but they retail for between $24-50. I was conservative on my first purchase, but this time… something went terribly wrong.

I made piles…
“I’ll take one of each in this pile, two in this…” etc and so on.

I guess my brain can’t add under those circumstances.

I skipped off to let the merchant count the bags and bag them up for me… I found 2 other purse vendors. They were totally different so I said, what the heck.

That “what the heck” totally came back to bite me because I ended up with the leaning tower of purses and bags. As I was pricing, one large bag toppled over and created a bit of a chain reaction and a mini-panic situation on my part…. therefore, Mt. Purse-uvious.

Groan all you want, I have more. This is where you can feel completely sorry for Nathan for putting up with me so long.

I am no longer allowed to be trusted with going downtown and having time to wait. I don’t sit still, I spend… I buy too much of the same thing. It’s called being obsessive/compulsive… have you seen what time I post all my blog entries? ;)

Just a few of the purses I gathered… I think they are quite nice. If for some reason you need a purse or purses for Mother’s day, please call me first, I’ll give you an awesome deal ;)

Then there was Sunday….

I headed over to Cathi Milligan’s house to assist her in the snapping of photos. She made the most AMAZING macrame beaded curtain completely filled with her beads. SO beautiful! Smartly (hehe), I quickly dumped all the pictures of the curtain (she has copies, but I do not) to take pics of her scottie, Harry.

I’m told he growls at most, but he warmed right up to me ;) And I to him. He’s a cross between my Mom’s two dogs… kind of silly but also serious and regal.

Cathi and Harry playing… adorable. Oh! Cathi also let me sit at the torch and make some stringer. Since I’m a jumpy sort when it comes to fire and propane, I didn’t make a bead… but I’ve been promised that will come, later. I’m scared and excited, all at the same time!

OH!!! Tammy came in with her puppy Wiley on Saturday! That’s on my other camera, I’ll share later. I’m sure Rachael will be happy to see the puppy since it was from her dog Mollie’s litter! If you want to see puppy cuteness, visit Rachael’s puppy section of her Blog :)

Lastly… we saw a few lilacs bloom on our little tree, but they were itty-bitty. But this one looks sort of like a heart :) The yard smells amazing with them in bloom… I hope they last just a little bit longer!

Happy Wednesday everyone!!!!!!


  1. Graycee said,

    April 25, 2007 at 1:44 am

    TV in the window . . . GREAT idea! :-)

  2. Babs said,

    April 25, 2007 at 11:06 am

    OK- you are amazing. But I always knew that.

  3. Lisa Oceandreamer said,

    April 25, 2007 at 11:59 am

    I absolutely love and adore every display, every idea, every bit and bob! The TV in the window is genius. What a dream to be able to come up with display ideas and have resources to make them just perfect. Love the 50’s dinner setting idea, especially with the hat for the boy (my husband was just such a boy). It would be fun to have a place for the “daughter” and have there be a movie fan mag or an autographed picture of a 50’s heartthrob.

    I have a pink princess phone – I wanted one SO bad as a young girl, when I found one on ebay a couple of years ago I was ecstatic, even at my age! lol!

    Can’t wait to see the Doris Day display AND get down there soon to see it all in person!


  4. Colleen said,

    April 25, 2007 at 6:32 pm

    You have outdone yourself again, lady!! Your displays are so creative and ingenious, so fanciful and fabulous! I would so love to live close enough to shop there on a daily basis, but I would probably get into trouble LOL

    Its really terrific that you get to have so much fun with your displays. Such a neat creative outlet, and such yummy treasures. That little scotty is so cute I could just eat him up :)

  5. Art Tea Life said,

    April 25, 2007 at 9:38 pm

    aaaaaaaa! AAAAAAAAAAAA

    (((arms flapping, bouncing up and down in seat))))


    It is almost ten – but I am wanting to jump in the car and go peer in the windows there to see EVEN MORE !

    If you see nose and finger smudges on the windoes in the morning….

    Oh it is all looking fabulous! I am just getting twelve times my money’s worth on this post tonight ! It is all so wonderful.

    Ah-ha! I am commisserating with you on the purse purchases… I had a similair experience when I was doing buying and merchandising for a little gift shop several years ago….I can still see the patent leather on parade. And Doggie Purses…! Remeber those ? Anyway, your collection looks much more fun and promising !

    I was imagining that macrame beaded curtain Cathi made….is it with the cupcake beads ? Now that must be something.

    And I bet it WAS exciting to work w/ the glass and torch. I had to read that twice Torch and Stringer – I said …whaaaat ? But I get it .

    The pup is darling.

    And the Lavender Heart…..Just Perfect !

    (the lilacs at Descanso were just past their prime BTW when we saw them….NExt Year I will go earlier ! And that was the day we came by to See You .)

    Whewwww. Lots and lots of work you girls are doing over there ! It is coming out So Good !

    Love, S.

  6. Art Tea Life said,

    April 25, 2007 at 9:39 pm

    Did I just spell windows with an E ?

  7. Art Tea Life said,

    April 25, 2007 at 9:41 pm

    As in : I would like to “Win Do-es” ? (the giveaway)
    you were speaking of puns…..heh heh

    ..yeh, right, sorry.

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    October 24, 2007 at 11:54 pm

    […] get it! (Is there a 12 step program for over buying? There has to be… as I remember the mount Purse-uvius incident and hang my head in shame… BUT… we only have about 10 of those puppies […]

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