Giveaway #3!!

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Okay… so… since it seems to be the month of the purse… how about a little purse giveaway!

A little coin purse and key ring in black leather!

And… if we get over 200 comments, I’ll give away a BIG purse :) So, tell your friends!

I’ll pick a winner on Wednesday, May 9th. I’ll stop accepting comments at Midnight, Tuesday May 8th :) One entry per person, please.

You can see some of my big “Frighton” purses in my ebay store. I’ll be adding the evening clutches and purses (sparkly and dainty!) and other purses on there later on. I’ve also got some collectibles from Katherine’s Collection that I’ll be adding later, too. Oh, and I started the bidding on the Robeez at 99 cents and 1.99… so if you need a pair, check it out :)

Have a wonderful weekend!!!!!


Spring Cleaning…

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With all the changes going on up at the store, I’m starting to look around and figure out that we need to get rid of some stuff… including a gazillion purses. Next time I mention purchasing purses, can someone slap my wrist??

Okay… so over the next few days I’m going to be selling some awesome stuff at a pretty good discount :)

  • Robeez soft-soled shoes for babies and toddlers
  • Purses – Leather that have the “Brighton” look and feel, but aren’t… errr… “real”. PVC – Look like leather, feel like leather, some even sort of smell like leather, but they aren’t leather :)
  • Christmas Inventory – I ran out of storage! eek!! I still have some snowmen and other little fun things…
  • Various other things… if it’s in my way, it’s going on ebay… (that rhymed!)

Susan and I got SO much done today! Our classroom should be ready the second week of May for classes!!! So far we have Sandy from Art Tea Life teaching (correct me if I’m wrong Sandy? :)), Susan, Joe, possibly Maylene, possibly Tyn from Pookieville, possibly Rachael from Scootchie, possibly me (I don’t know how to explain things well… it may just be a “show up and we’ll giggle” session) and hey… Babs, come teach something ;) (Wreaths? Florals? Tetherball? hehe).

Hard to see, being black purses on a shelf in poor light, but that’s just… ummmm…. 30% of the purses I got.

More purses…

Start of the “at the sea” display. Vintage pink bathing suit, salt water taffy, shells, straw purses and other fun things…

The classroom is beginning to take shape! (The Canon has spoiled me… the Nikon definately has poorer quality pics!)

A pile of paper lanterns… when I think whimsical party setting, I think lots of paper lanterns… so this room is going to be filled with them!

Okay, need to get home (still at the shop). Yesterday’s cleaning marathon wore me out!! Now for a ebay listing marathon!


Lost of a sea of stuff… and mount purse-uvious…

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Waiting in line for a Nightmare Before Christmas pin at Disneyland (Nathan LOVES pin lines!), a fellow pin enthusiast said something to the effect of… “They have zero Zeros”. We groaned. A lady popped in out of nowhere and said “Are you good at puns? I just LOVE puns!” And that is where the pun started. And lots of them… but I’ll get back to that later.

Where do I start… from the beginning! Susan… she is big on crafts and vintage. Her home is a virtual prop house full of wonderful things she’s found on her multiple pre-dawn treasure hunts. We got to talking and she’s willing to be our workshop hostess starting in the beginning of May. For you lucky locals, she’ll be offering vintage paper collage art and you’ll be able to tap into her vast collection of vintage ephemera and knowledge of assemblage and collage. We started decorating the new classroom and I started cooking up ideas for the rest of the store. I’d randomly ask her… “Do you happen to have an old what-see-doodle?” She’d think for a second and nod. I’d start up again… “I’m thinking beachy… how about a table this high and this long for a stage and some fun little things to…kind of gidget-y”. I would get a yes immediately. I tried to stump her with taxidermy, but she has a stuffed pheasant apparently. Long story short, we dove into the deep end of vintage and it’s been amazing, yet quite overwhelming.

Let’s start with the “Dad the British Safari Explorer & fan of geography and archaeology”… what did Sandy say? Jewel in the Crown? Not familiar, but it looks excellent!

We’re working on all sorts of botanical prints, maps, globes, old postcards from Africa… Susan brought up some old riding boots, an old butterfly net… lots of very cool things!!
Super hard to see because of the glare, facing outward is a bamboo vanity with steamer trunks, a globe and other various fun things.

The odd looking shell sculpture in the picture above is actually a little lamp. A similar one is featured on the cover of “Kitschy Crafts“. Along with that centerpiece, we are doing other odd but fantastic shell sculptures, old sea and beachy items as well as a “Coney Island” beachy pink sherbet colors sort of display with salt water taffy and complete with a vintage bubble gum pink swimsuit. Susan may even bring up the top of an old pinball machine from Miami beach with bathing beauties on it. Too cool!

Going over to the other side of the store…

This is sort of a… “Mom’s vanity with lots of fun stuff for you to play with” display :) Vintage sewing box, buttons, fun hats, purses and jewelry.

When you turn the corner, there’s a lot of teapots and vintage teacups and assorted tea-related items.

Various tea goodies…
Look at the old hi-fi (Thank you Melanie!) with the awesome little phone! This is all in the window. This is going to be the “Doris Day” area. We got two “slipper” chairs and a great old desk and I’m waiting for that awesome blue poofy dress for the dress form. When I get this all set up, I’ll take a full picture, but I don’t want to share until it’s all ready ;)
Okay now, this is the COOLEST!!! Susan found an old hollowed-out TV set and we stuck in our own TV!!! We put it in the window facing out, therefore the glarey picture. We’ve been playing Some Like it Hot and when you walk or drive by, I’m told it looks really neat. I’m in the process of looking for a timer so I can set this up and let it play at night. On the other side I’m working on a set dinner table and possibly a cliche 50’s family’s dinner setting, complete with coon-skin cap for the Davy Crockett loving son, let’s call him “Junior”. Susan even found an old black and white photo with an adorable 6 year old boy standing in front of a TV just like this one… I have to scan it, it’s too perfect!
Again, hard to see since this was taken from the outside looking in, it’s a large gold oval frame hanging in the window which I LOVE. I’ll take an evening shot when the TV is on and it’s all lit up, it’ll look neat-o!

Okay… and now for the bad pun. On Monday, I went downtown to purchase purses and jewelry. I got some of those, how do I say this… ummm… “Brighton-like” bags. Leather, the heart, the works… but they retail for between $24-50. I was conservative on my first purchase, but this time… something went terribly wrong.

I made piles…
“I’ll take one of each in this pile, two in this…” etc and so on.

I guess my brain can’t add under those circumstances.

I skipped off to let the merchant count the bags and bag them up for me… I found 2 other purse vendors. They were totally different so I said, what the heck.

That “what the heck” totally came back to bite me because I ended up with the leaning tower of purses and bags. As I was pricing, one large bag toppled over and created a bit of a chain reaction and a mini-panic situation on my part…. therefore, Mt. Purse-uvious.

Groan all you want, I have more. This is where you can feel completely sorry for Nathan for putting up with me so long.

I am no longer allowed to be trusted with going downtown and having time to wait. I don’t sit still, I spend… I buy too much of the same thing. It’s called being obsessive/compulsive… have you seen what time I post all my blog entries? ;)

Just a few of the purses I gathered… I think they are quite nice. If for some reason you need a purse or purses for Mother’s day, please call me first, I’ll give you an awesome deal ;)

Then there was Sunday….

I headed over to Cathi Milligan’s house to assist her in the snapping of photos. She made the most AMAZING macrame beaded curtain completely filled with her beads. SO beautiful! Smartly (hehe), I quickly dumped all the pictures of the curtain (she has copies, but I do not) to take pics of her scottie, Harry.

I’m told he growls at most, but he warmed right up to me ;) And I to him. He’s a cross between my Mom’s two dogs… kind of silly but also serious and regal.

Cathi and Harry playing… adorable. Oh! Cathi also let me sit at the torch and make some stringer. Since I’m a jumpy sort when it comes to fire and propane, I didn’t make a bead… but I’ve been promised that will come, later. I’m scared and excited, all at the same time!

OH!!! Tammy came in with her puppy Wiley on Saturday! That’s on my other camera, I’ll share later. I’m sure Rachael will be happy to see the puppy since it was from her dog Mollie’s litter! If you want to see puppy cuteness, visit Rachael’s puppy section of her Blog :)

Lastly… we saw a few lilacs bloom on our little tree, but they were itty-bitty. But this one looks sort of like a heart :) The yard smells amazing with them in bloom… I hope they last just a little bit longer!

Happy Wednesday everyone!!!!!!


And the Winners are….

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Jackie at Wrensnest
Susan at Artespirit

Yay for you guys!! :)

I’ve decided to give away two of the nest boxes to make it easy ;) Keep checking back, I’ll be doing this semi-often! :)

Thanks again to everyone for entering! yay!

I used Nathan’s new Random Number Generator, which makes picking numbers a breeze, thus having giveaways just that much easier! Thank you Nathan!! :)

Lastly, but not leastly, Joe made me an awesome CD with mostly Doris Day songs… this will hopefully get me in the mood to start my Doris Day display. I looked for a poofy awesome 50’s party dress for the window and found this gem on ebay. I emailed the owner of the dress to ask if she had any others that weren’t in perfect condition since it would be a display and she said I could have the dress if I put her business cards out! I’m jumping the gun here because I just now emailed her back, but I thought that was sweet :) I’ll post pictures of the start of the display later… right now it looks like a mish mash, but in a week… *magic*!

Anywho, congrats to the winners!!!


I need YOUR help! :)

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Do YOU know what the Webkinz World is??

Okay… so I keep hearing about Webkinz… Mostly from my Ganz rep and moms with young kids who are collecting them “all”. But… although there is a buzz on ebay and assorted news shows, I still don’t get it.

My question is this… what do YOU think of them? Have you heard of them? Are you looking for a specific animal? Please let me know! I guess there are very special little animals that come out at Halloween and Christmas (a black cat and moose?) and you are allowed to get more if you are already a Ganz customer (which I am) and order a certain amount of non-webkinz holiday decor (which I do and have been doing for 4 years or so). So, this could be a good fit… maybe. I’m just a tad unsure. Hey, if I get a ton of comments, perhaps I’ll start doing Webkinz giveaways ;)

Please leave comments… my Ganz Rep, Chris (Hi Chris!) is going to read this so I want him to see all the suggestions as well ;)

Thank you thank you!

It’s all about who you know ;)

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Nathan can do all sorts of things in two shakes of a lamb’s tail…

For example…
I asked if he could create something that would easily upload pictures that were dragged and dropped into let’s say, a folder, to show everyone what I was going to list on ebay without having to html the night away…

*poof* “List-o-rama” was born!

Another example…
I asked if there was a way to create a random number generator for my giveaways (since I’m going to have so many) and cutting up those little strips of paper with names on them, although it makes an awesome picture (and blog) and ticker-tape parade, is time consuming and wastes all sorts of resources…

*poof* The random number generator was born!

I’m so lucky :)

Nathan has given his permission to use the random number generator if you are having a giveaway, too! It’s fast, simple and will save a little part of a tree! Hopefully, your blog has numbered your comments making it easy to pick a winner! Yay! And just in time for the drawing on Thursday ;) I have no idea what the other item to giveaway will be… I’m still searching for something fun and different!

Also… oh… my… gosh… have you SEEN what Sandy has been saying about me and vab? :) It’s a good thing, I assure you… enough to make me shy all over again. A glowing review of the store with pictures and links and all sorts of praise. I’m sort of speechless… take a look for yourself, it’s the sweetest thing… and she is the sweetest! :) Please bombard her with comments and let her know she is loved ;)

I know I had more to share… but I can’t remember? There’s always tomorrow…


Puppy Love…

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Our friend Pinguino took pics of Nutmeg at the “Scott and Alicia Goes Away” party and via another friend, our pup was posted on another website :)

Nutmeg on stuffonmymutt.com

How cute is she?? :) And the lighting… Ping, you did an awesome job :) I think we need to get the video of her doing her famous nose balance cookie trick on youtube soon :)

Sadly, we lost our little friend Lucky yesterday. Sweet little guy… His parents (his Mom is one of my bestest friends) are doing well and knew it was time, but it’s still so hard. I’ll especially miss Lucky wearing his little footie pajamas… yes, he had a pair and yes, he wore them :) Please give your little fur-child or children some extra love tonight… for being so loyal, carefree, dependable, adorable and unconditionally loving. They just “know”… I don’t know how, but they just get it :)

I wish I could explain to Nutmeg (AND Biscuit and Barkley, my “brothers”) how much I adore them… how much joy they bring into my life. A long walk, a squeaky squirrel, a biscuit on the nose, or one with some peanut butter, is a good start I suppose :)


Wow! I’m not the only one…

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who really likes spring goodies :)

I put some more items on this page: More spring goodness
If you are interested in anything, please send me an email: ebaycarrie@violetsareblue.net.

I’ll keep the free shipping over $50.00 deal going until the end of next week (the 22nd).

More pics to come :)

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