In Preparation for our 4th Annual Christmas Open House this Saturday

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Our 4th Christmas season and Holiday Open House… where does the time go???

My to do list:

  • Cupcakes – check
  • Festive Music – check (thank you Joe!)
  • Gift wrapping stuff and festooning! – check
  • Actual winter weather – check (as of 2 days ago! Brrrr!)
  • Buy more jewelry (Downtown LA) – almost check

Now I just need to get the coffee, tea and other beverages, clean up a tad and we’re ready to go! For all of you who are coming, bring your sweet tooth and for those who can’t make it… I’ll be posting a coupon code for the website soon so you can take advantage of our sale ;) About 20% of our Christmas stuff is listed on the website, I’m listing more every day! If there is something you don’t see, ask me, I may just have it! :)

Also… I’ve been getting a lot of calls about the magazine article… I think the most popular questions are about the slipcovers on my Mom’s sofa, “what kind of dogs are those?” (llhasa apsos!) and that darn dish drainer… Ballard Designs should send me a fruit basket for all the traffic we’ve been sending their way ;) If you happen to want a copy of Cottage Style, I have plenty… I finally listed them on my website for sale… click here to get one for $4.95 + $1.85 for postage :)

I ordered the Skeem candles I’ve been going on and on about, the Pre de Provence soaps, some awesome stationery, notecards and journals and some more Robeez baby shoes. That should all be here soon! I can’t wait to get all that fun stuff! We’re getting ready to make more bath salts… and… errr… I think that’s it?? I still need to get some bath product tips from Holly, our girl in the know when it comes to fun smelly girly things ;) Oh oh oh!!! Cathi made little beads… I can’t stand how cute they are! A little pink hobnail cake plate with a WHOLE cake on top, chocolate with little rosettes around the top and base of the cake… I have no idea what I’m going to make with them (and I doubt I’ll be able to part with them). I swear I’ll post pictures later, they are amazing little works of art!

Thanks to everyone for their sweet comments about the shop and all the encouragement :) I really really appreciate it!!!! I love Rachael’s note for me earlier last week… “Swear on a cupcake that you will call me if you need help”. Hehehehehehe!!!!!

Oh, I just had to share this:

My adventure at the recycling plant starts with waiting in line in your vehicle to get it weighed. You roll up onto the huge scale and they ring a loud buzzer to let you know you can move along to your next adventure….
On the right is where they recycle the mounds and mounds of paper…
And this is where you unload aaalllll of the cardboard…
Here’s the back of our van… spilling over with cardboard… I rigged it so you’d move 1 large box and the rest would slide out.

There were birds circling overhead, tractors everywhere… I unloaded over 600 pounds of cardboard. Guess how much I got? $18. I got that in two dollar bills thank you very much… I have no idea why, but the whole thing was fascinating to me. And the poor guy working there, who was trying to shuffle me out quickly, was completely confused to why I was unloading AND taking pictures of the whole thing. I’m sure they’ve seen crazier things ;)

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