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Anyone who knows me, knows I really enjoy Alice in Wonderland… anything. Cakes, films, art… But, ironically (or lazy on my part) I have never read the books. Shame on me. I have a few of the books just for the sake of the art, but I really should sit down and read them. Although, the Disney film will always be my favorite ;)

I stumbled onto a few great websites that feature Alice art and fans of the stuff. An Alice in Wonderland Film from 1903, Lenny’s Alice site chock-full o’ info. Lauren Harmen has a wonderful site cataloging the art of Alice. This is where I learned about the golden age of children’s book illustrators.
From the aforementioned website:
“This incredible wealth of talent of book illustration, the innumerable fine drawings and paintings combining fantasy, humour and shear beauty, and the array of masterly pictorial cover designs richly adorned in gilt have never been equalled.”

“The Golden Age of children’s book illustration reached it’s undoubted peak in the decade from 1905 to 1914 when dozens of opulent large quarto gift books with mounted colour plates, and hundreds of cheaper but often equally beautiful illustrated volumes were published every year.”

So, finding all these wonderful illustrations and paintings, enjoying them and realizing, there was an actual peak and end of the “golden age” of this movement…I had no idea. New respect… forming.

I’ve got the book on my amazon wish list ;)

Everyone is quite familiar with the illustrations of Sir John Tenniel, but the vast amounts of other Alice art contributors is amazing… I’m just now finding out about some of them. Strictly from doing research on Alice art, I’m finding that these illustrators not only did works featuring Alice (imagine that), but other fun characters such as fairies, bunnies and cats dressed as people and gave us a window to other magical places. Pieces of art that I’ve seen before, but now have a newfound appreciation for.
I’m quite fond of the illustrations of Charles Folkard. Colorful, quirky, whimsical and a few somewhat macabre. I’d like to get a collection of his work and frame it.
Arthur Rackham…

Then… there’s the ride at Mouseland… The more senses you use while enjoying a medium, the better ;) Many of my art presentations in college included food, scratch and sniff panels, light shows, music, smoke effects… okay, was that adding or distracting?? hmmm… My first dream was to be an Imagineer… but now that they no longer exist in their true original form, I will find other ways to amuse and amaze people ;) I’m still looking…

The marching cards…
Detail of the Queen and King of Hearts’ castle…
The ending with the mad teaparty…
The spinny teacups accross the way :)
… and the cheshire cat pointing the way :)

So, I’m going to continue my quest… discovering new art and artists. It’s pure inspiration and completely fascinating to me. It’s our history :)

Although… I’ve been getting inspiration from an unlikely source lately… old cookbooks. Some of that shiney, over-stylized food that looks as far from edible as you can get is strangely attractive to me.

This cake is 10% flour, 10% sugar and 80% food coloring…. mmmmmm… so, naturally, I had to draw it! This will become a board soon, too! :)

Lastly… my Mom sent me this picture tonight… along with this email:
I thought you might want this “logo” you drew when you were about 4 or 5. I had to make a rubber stamp since it was so great — I had a clue then you were going to be very artistic :)

Watch out! The triangle people are coming!

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  1. Babs said,

    October 2, 2006 at 3:44 pm

    I love the Triangle Girl — it always looked like to me that she was on a very determined, happy quest…>>>

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