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Tonight, we visited the lovely Target mega-mega store in beautiful downtown Burbank. After purchasing several cleaning devices, paper products, a plethora of halloween lights and a brand new doggie toy for our pup we headed on over to the Olive Garden.

A 30 minute wait later, we were seated near the bar. We were enjoying our iced tea beverages and noticed that there were three people sitting at the bar and apparently, they were having a good time. They were sort of loud, very loud, normally it would have been a tad annoying, but they made us chuckle and say… why don’t we have friends like THAT, they certainly brought the party with them!

So, one of the three pulls up a chair and sits at the end of our table and introduces himself. Normally, a slightly intoxicated man joining our dinner conversation would intimidate me, but he seemed friendly enough. “Hello, my name is Petey…how are you enjoying your dinner this evening?” we introduce ourselves and each shook his hand. We ask him where he is from and conveniently, the address of the home he grew up in (North Carolina) was tattooed on the inside of his right arm, it even had the zip code… and so was his own name. “That’s where I used to live, before I moved here and became famous…” (I’m having mixed feelings at this point… teetering between being ignorant or thinking perhaps he’s having delusions of grandeur).

He asked us about our lives and made a remark about how he would like to have a talk show someday. He talked about love and something about waking up next to someone and putting on make-up… I can’t remember. He sang a bit. He had an angel pin on his shoulder. He made our waitress feel his arm muscles. We talked about his eight pit bulls and our little golden retreiver. His dogs have names like saddam, bin laden, tsunami and katrina… ours is named after a spice, and not even that spicey of a spice (nutmeg).

He mentioned going to Vegas in his car… he said he had tv’s “and stuff” in it.

We came home and googled our new friend…

Petey Pablo… and you can read about him on mtv.com.
I feel quite ignorant… there we were, at the Olive Garden getting advice from an up-and-coming rap star… huh. I gave him a Violets are Blue postcard and told him he should get a cupcake necklace… so, keep an eye out for that! ;)

So, that’s our adventures in Burbank for the evening… AND I got a new mop… how about that! ;)


  1. Deborah said,

    September 29, 2006 at 4:35 pm

    … and us Eastcoasters (like that?) thought this stuff only happens in New York!

  2. Tyn said,

    September 29, 2006 at 10:48 pm

    oh girl, life in the fast lane of Olive Garden- a rap star and a mop in one evening. funny.

  3. Brianne said,

    October 1, 2006 at 10:59 pm

    Ha ha! I don’t know who is either, but I do now. Is that a “Brain” from “Pinky and the Brain” around his neck? I think he need’s some cupcake bling instead.

  4. Nik said,

    October 2, 2006 at 9:39 am

    That necklace is hilarious.

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