Watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat… and again

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So, we’re sitting in front of the TV enjoying The Simpsons and I smell smoke… two years ago during all the fires in Southern California we went on mini-missions to see how close the flames were. At one point, while bouncing on our trampoline, we could see smoke AND flames every time we jumped. Eerie.

Just for kicks, we google-earthed our old address… and look, it’s our trampoline! :)

Anywhoo… the real story is this… we get in the car with the dog to go search out the fire (which is smelling stronger and stronger now) and perhaps pick up some dental floss while out and about… (keep in mind, it’s 12:15am at this point). There’s a reddish brown ring around the moon… very telling for nearby smoke. We get down our driveway, roll down the back window for the dog and what do I see? Two little speckled bunnies hopping down our neighbor’s driveway. Meg was beside herself.

I had seen these bunnies before. This was about 3 weeks ago… I grabbed a box, ran out with a flashlight and attempted the capture of the two little wild furballs (They were being stalked by the neighbor’s cat so in essence, I kind of saved their little bunny tails). As I got closer, a SUV pulled up and a guy asks me nonchalantly… “are you looking for two rabbits?” “Why, yes sir, yes I am” I replied. Well, it turns out the bunnies were theirs… a lady got out and started calling to the bunnies, and I think I remember a little girl or two in the car. I asked if they needed help and they said no, so I went inside, a little sad my box was empty. I had promised meg a little bunny brother and sister.

I sulked about the bunnies for a few days… I was convinced they were going to come live with me. My first real pet was a bunny I got as a Christmas gift. I named him Easter. He was the best little bunny you could have. The second bunny we got wasn’t as bright and kind of ruined me for future bunnies… until I saw these two. There was something so cute about them! Wandering, grazing… underneath the parked cars.

Then it all came together. We caught one bunny and I ran it into the bathtub in the house. The second one was more of a challenge. But once I scooped him/her up, he/she calmed down. I got them both in the tub and gave them some romaine lettuce and they both ate it all up. They even stole pieces from each other, it was pretty adorable.

The “awwwwww, how adorable” moment quickly turned into… “uhhhh… ewwwww”. They were doing what bunnies… errrr… “do”. They didn’t come with a tag that said “please keep them apart”, and one did not come with any sort of chastity belt. They hopped along together out on the wild streets of La Crescenta and they would often groom each other which made me think they were used to being together. So we are hoping… they are both of the same gender or baby bunnies do not appear on our watch. (I’m quite squeamish).

As I moved the bunnies from our daily bathtub to the shower that time forgot off of our bedroom, I yelled out… “hey, Nathan… whatcha doin’?” and this was his reply:

And who’s number is on there? MY cell phone number, thank you very much. Argh.

So, it’s 3:31 am and we ran out to get some bunny food, we’re trying to distract the dog who knows there are bunnies in here and how rude it is of us to hide them… and to top it off I have SO much other fun stuff to talk about but the bunnies took over… I guess I’ll have to show-and-tell tomorrow :) I need some sleep!

One thing I did finish last week… the Halloween display! yay! But, the pics are stuck in the camera that has some special software that is on Nathan’s Mac and I need to blah blah blah blah… I glaze over. So, here’s just one pic that I could convince him to size out for me:

How cute is she? But, I am partial :)

Sweet bunny dreams from bunny land! Any suggestions on names for the bunnies? I know at least one is a boy ;)

p.s… I think the fire is from Castaic but I can’t be sure… if anyone finds out, could you post a comment?? :) Thanks!


  1. Nathan said,

    September 12, 2006 at 2:10 pm

    BUNNY UPDATE: 12 hours later, the bunnies have been re-united with their owners :)

  2. carrie said,

    September 12, 2006 at 4:07 pm

    More on the bunny update:

    Natalie at the rabbitrescue.com was SUPER helpful when I called and asked a million questions. She even offered a deal on a bunny condo! If you ever need bunny supplies, bunny boarding or want to volunteer or donate money, check them out :) The bunnies went home a couple of hours ago… turns out they live around the corner. We share a fence with them and haven’t even met :) I was informed that the little escapees are both boys. The littlest of the two was so sweet…when I’d open the door to the shower he’d hop over and want me to pet his nose, and almost fall asleep as I was petting him. Too cute :)

  3. Bayside bunny said,

    March 1, 2007 at 4:25 pm

    Too Cute!

  4. Linda said,

    August 5, 2007 at 1:55 pm

    I enjoyed your blog! Do you know the fishie song from the beginning? I have been looking for the words so I can sing it to my grandchild. I hope you can help. Linda

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