And now for something completely different…

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Tonight, we visited the lovely Target mega-mega store in beautiful downtown Burbank. After purchasing several cleaning devices, paper products, a plethora of halloween lights and a brand new doggie toy for our pup we headed on over to the Olive Garden.

A 30 minute wait later, we were seated near the bar. We were enjoying our iced tea beverages and noticed that there were three people sitting at the bar and apparently, they were having a good time. They were sort of loud, very loud, normally it would have been a tad annoying, but they made us chuckle and say… why don’t we have friends like THAT, they certainly brought the party with them!

So, one of the three pulls up a chair and sits at the end of our table and introduces himself. Normally, a slightly intoxicated man joining our dinner conversation would intimidate me, but he seemed friendly enough. “Hello, my name is Petey…how are you enjoying your dinner this evening?” we introduce ourselves and each shook his hand. We ask him where he is from and conveniently, the address of the home he grew up in (North Carolina) was tattooed on the inside of his right arm, it even had the zip code… and so was his own name. “That’s where I used to live, before I moved here and became famous…” (I’m having mixed feelings at this point… teetering between being ignorant or thinking perhaps he’s having delusions of grandeur).

He asked us about our lives and made a remark about how he would like to have a talk show someday. He talked about love and something about waking up next to someone and putting on make-up… I can’t remember. He sang a bit. He had an angel pin on his shoulder. He made our waitress feel his arm muscles. We talked about his eight pit bulls and our little golden retreiver. His dogs have names like saddam, bin laden, tsunami and katrina… ours is named after a spice, and not even that spicey of a spice (nutmeg).

He mentioned going to Vegas in his car… he said he had tv’s “and stuff” in it.

We came home and googled our new friend…

Petey Pablo… and you can read about him on mtv.com.
I feel quite ignorant… there we were, at the Olive Garden getting advice from an up-and-coming rap star… huh. I gave him a Violets are Blue postcard and told him he should get a cupcake necklace… so, keep an eye out for that! ;)

So, that’s our adventures in Burbank for the evening… AND I got a new mop… how about that! ;)


Update on new things coming in at the shop…

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As our open house approaches, it has come to my attention that many of our little shipments have been missing in action! To top it off, I ordered some of these goodies in January and I cannot, for the life of me, remember what I ordered. So when asked what is coming in, I have to shrug my shoulders and scratch my head. All my halloween merchandise… one big blur at this point! :)

For starters, our Halloween Open House Postcard was sent out and you should be receiving yours today! If you would like to be added to the mailing list, please send your address to jointheparty@violetsareblue.net and we’ll be sure to add you! We send out 4 or 5 postcards a year with event announcements and coupons.

And these items are coming in, I’ve been told… the next “5-10 business days” (argh):

We are getting…

These little trick-or-treat kids…

These super cute little witches sitting on pumpkins…

I’m working on some art boards with vintage art and glitter on them. They are taking a little longer than I thought to get them done so I should have them at the shop and online by the middle of next week :) They will be made of wood and hanging from ribbon. Time permitting, I’ll do some fancy paper pinwheels or something cool on them, too :)
One of our bigger shipments is from Ganz. We’ve been buying from Ganz for a while and they always have a huge variety of fun things! I’m getting trick-or-treat witch bags, ceramic bowls, fun little grab gifts, a few doggie costumes and the big seller from last year… sticky eyeballs for the kids (they are super gross… I think that’s why we sold them out so fast!) I wish I had a better picture of what they offer but alas, I don’t have a catalog in front of me.
Ganz also has a lot of fun fall and Thanksgiving items. Ranging from plush turkeys that audibly “gobble” to beautiful serving bowls. I can’t wait until it gets here! I’ll be sure to post as many pics as I can and get them on the website so you can use that coupon ;) (If you didn’t get a postcard, or can’t read the one above, let me know… I’ll make sure you get the coupon code).

So, please check back often! I’ll try to keep everyone updated on all the new shipments coming in! Also, I’ve been listing new things on the website every single day :) My goal is to have at least 50% of what we have in the store online, if not more!

Have a great night everyone! :)


& they swam & they swam…

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Ahhh, art monday! I was given some inspiration this weekend by Babs and off I went! Sidenote… 99% of my everyday-around-the-house t-shirts have little paint splotches on them. I make a huge mess while painting. There is something comforting knowing that I don’t own a pristine t-shirt…

The first to be almost finished is the little duckies by the pond image that I’ll use for cards and a wall hanging… I’m thinking of adding polka dots around the border…

When I was painting this I was thinking of the little song we sang in tap dance class… “Swim said the mama fishie swim if you can and they swam and they swam all over the damn… boop bood diddum daddum waddum, choo”. I must point out, these aren’t fishies (thanks captain obvious) but I somehow wanted to run and get a little tiara, tutu, tap shoes and some sunflower seeds in honor to the hours of tapping we did with Miss Kay Kourey of the Kay Kourey dance school. Ahh… memories… they always tend to be long-winded.

Oh, the frustration of drawing people, even if it’s just a tiny head and hand… very much the challenge. I love this image. The inspiration for this one came from a tiny 1″ x 1″ square black and white drawing of a baby in a bassinet in a tree. The not-so-little blue bird is there to tweet this toddler away to dreamland… I find it quite sweet :)

In other news… I’m trying to add new items to our growing family of goods at the store and website… which was officially launched TODAY. For those of you seeing this blog for the first time… Welcome! Please feel free to leave comments and let me know what you would like to see here ;)

Anywhoo… I would really like to get these candles, and I would LOVE your input:

They would sell for $19.99. They are made of soy, not too overpowering, burn 80 hours, are 12 ounces AND you can clean the cup out and use it later on for beverages (since soy is so clean)! I’m leaning towards scents such as Orchid, Sweet Pea and Vanilla, Fresh Lilies and Willow Blossom . If you would like to check them out, click here and let me know what you think! They are called Skeem Candles…

The dinner timer just dinged! Off to make a salad… I’ll post more later! (possibly tonight!)


It’s 2:40 am…

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I’ve been listing on the website all night and I can barely see!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted… I will be back in the next few days. We have a busy work and social schedule this week… seems I’m going to be spending a lot of time at the Hollywood Bowl :)

We’re going to see this… I’m excited & a tad disturbed that it was so popular. They are having a costume contest… too bad there isn’t a smurf video game, we’d be in the running for sure ;)

That didn’t make sense… it will after you click on the link.

Goodnight and have a great rest of the week everyone! It’s cooling down, yay!!! :)

p.s… if you would like to see more fresh-baked goodies at the shop, bug Graycee… tell her we NEED cupcakes and toffee wafers, urgently! We need to encourage this one, she’s being stubborn ;) If you tasted her stuff, you would be immediately hooked, trust me!


Watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat… and again

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So, we’re sitting in front of the TV enjoying The Simpsons and I smell smoke… two years ago during all the fires in Southern California we went on mini-missions to see how close the flames were. At one point, while bouncing on our trampoline, we could see smoke AND flames every time we jumped. Eerie.

Just for kicks, we google-earthed our old address… and look, it’s our trampoline! :)

Anywhoo… the real story is this… we get in the car with the dog to go search out the fire (which is smelling stronger and stronger now) and perhaps pick up some dental floss while out and about… (keep in mind, it’s 12:15am at this point). There’s a reddish brown ring around the moon… very telling for nearby smoke. We get down our driveway, roll down the back window for the dog and what do I see? Two little speckled bunnies hopping down our neighbor’s driveway. Meg was beside herself.

I had seen these bunnies before. This was about 3 weeks ago… I grabbed a box, ran out with a flashlight and attempted the capture of the two little wild furballs (They were being stalked by the neighbor’s cat so in essence, I kind of saved their little bunny tails). As I got closer, a SUV pulled up and a guy asks me nonchalantly… “are you looking for two rabbits?” “Why, yes sir, yes I am” I replied. Well, it turns out the bunnies were theirs… a lady got out and started calling to the bunnies, and I think I remember a little girl or two in the car. I asked if they needed help and they said no, so I went inside, a little sad my box was empty. I had promised meg a little bunny brother and sister.

I sulked about the bunnies for a few days… I was convinced they were going to come live with me. My first real pet was a bunny I got as a Christmas gift. I named him Easter. He was the best little bunny you could have. The second bunny we got wasn’t as bright and kind of ruined me for future bunnies… until I saw these two. There was something so cute about them! Wandering, grazing… underneath the parked cars.

Then it all came together. We caught one bunny and I ran it into the bathtub in the house. The second one was more of a challenge. But once I scooped him/her up, he/she calmed down. I got them both in the tub and gave them some romaine lettuce and they both ate it all up. They even stole pieces from each other, it was pretty adorable.

The “awwwwww, how adorable” moment quickly turned into… “uhhhh… ewwwww”. They were doing what bunnies… errrr… “do”. They didn’t come with a tag that said “please keep them apart”, and one did not come with any sort of chastity belt. They hopped along together out on the wild streets of La Crescenta and they would often groom each other which made me think they were used to being together. So we are hoping… they are both of the same gender or baby bunnies do not appear on our watch. (I’m quite squeamish).

As I moved the bunnies from our daily bathtub to the shower that time forgot off of our bedroom, I yelled out… “hey, Nathan… whatcha doin’?” and this was his reply:

And who’s number is on there? MY cell phone number, thank you very much. Argh.

So, it’s 3:31 am and we ran out to get some bunny food, we’re trying to distract the dog who knows there are bunnies in here and how rude it is of us to hide them… and to top it off I have SO much other fun stuff to talk about but the bunnies took over… I guess I’ll have to show-and-tell tomorrow :) I need some sleep!

One thing I did finish last week… the Halloween display! yay! But, the pics are stuck in the camera that has some special software that is on Nathan’s Mac and I need to blah blah blah blah… I glaze over. So, here’s just one pic that I could convince him to size out for me:

How cute is she? But, I am partial :)

Sweet bunny dreams from bunny land! Any suggestions on names for the bunnies? I know at least one is a boy ;)

p.s… I think the fire is from Castaic but I can’t be sure… if anyone finds out, could you post a comment?? :) Thanks!


I hope…

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that there are unruly crocs in heaven.