It’s 108° out today!

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It’s Saturday, normally our most busy day of the week. It’s 2:00 pm and 7 people have come in. This week has been similar too. So, I noticed it was 80° inside the shop… let me check weather.com.

How can it be 108° ?!?! So, I’m sitting here… fan at my feet… wondering how I’m going to kill time.

We just received a HUGE shipment of Halloween items. I have about 15% of it on ebay, if anyone is interested in seeing it :)

The boxes and merchandise… along with packing peanuts and styrofoam, are thrown about absolutely everywhere (I will not include a picture of this, it is just too disturbing). You can barely walk through the store! I then decided to clean out the storage nook and made an even bigger mess. Seeing as it’s 108°, I think I should sit here and do nothing :)

Last night Cindy, Cathi, Nathan, Melissa, Octavio, 2 other friends I didn’t meet and I went to see Tom Jones at the Hollywood bowl. Tom Jones. Not usually my favorite… but the man can sing AND dance. He’s 66 and he was tearing up the stage! It was hot… boy was it hot… but we had a great time. I spilled perrier down onto the family below, getting all of their belongings sitting on the floor wet. The guy behind me opened a bottle of wine and splashed it all over my back, Cathi was yelled at by a drunken Tom Jones fan in the bathroom (to which Cathi replied, or I think at least she wanted to reply… “Sorry Ma’am, I don’t speak beer!”… it was a great night. Memorable… and hot.

One thing I wanted to mention, which is off the subject but it’s been on my mind lately…

If any of you out there:

a. Own a retail store

b. Work in a retail store

c. Are a hairdresser

d. Bartender

e. come to think of it… any job you stand behind a counter…

Do you run into the occassional… well… “emotional unloader”?

I have no other way to put it… but that is what it feels like. I have a few customers who come in and tell me all about their lives, illnesses, problems etc and so on.

Don’t get me wrong… I care about my customers and want them all to be happy but somedays… sometimes… several of these episodes will occur in one day and I get extremely overwhelmed. I do not have the tools to take all this sad information and unload it somewhere else. It sticks inside of me and I can’t stop thinking about it.

I’ve been tempted to post this…

And maybe, just maybe I’ll be able to lighten things up a bit.

If any of you out there have any tips, solutions or exercises I can use to get this energy out of me, I’d be SO grateful to hear about it!

I think that is all for now… I have about 3 other blogs started and not finished so when they are finally posted, they will be out of order but… better late than never :) I also will be posting my halloween display ideas and OH! I want to find stencils to paint wallpaper on the wall and try to give it a “flocked” texture. I do not want to attempt this until it’s at least under 100° ;)


  1. Michele said,

    July 24, 2006 at 10:18 am

    I hope it cools off for you soon! The heat just broke here and I finally feel comfortable again. Phew! I’m sorry that people that come into your shop bog you down with their issues. I used to work retail, for a long time, and I find the best way to get through is to act like you are really busy and in the middle of something. Say your sorry, but I have to run into the backroom, hence shooing them out the door. Not being rude, of course, but if you seem detatched from something you don’t want to listen to, most people get the hint. You probably already tried that huh? I hope something works for you!

  2. Babette said,

    July 26, 2006 at 2:50 pm

    So, a friend of mine is on the run from the law and another one is having an affair with her oil-and-lube job guy. I use the same oil-and-lube job guy so he’s been very distracted lately and can’t get to me and needless to say I’m way over my 3,000 miles. If my transmission goes out, I’m sending her the bill. You’re not busy are you….I didn’t think so. Can you believe how hot it is? Our AirCon went out and we have to leave the frig open for our cats — they just splay themselves out on the shelves like big lumps of fur-cheese. –Sorry – did this person trying to get in front of me at the counter want to buy something? Just a second – I’m almost done. So, I think I need to go to my gastroenterologist because I’ve been having problems with my digestive tract and my bowels. I’ve tried every medication and remedy known to man. Don’t you hate it when people don’t call you back? I’ve called and called and called and called my friend Elaine and she just ignores me and never returns my calls. And after all I’ve done for her. Hey, do those tea cups over there come without handles? I’ve been looking all over for tea cups like those without handles. Why is it so difficult to find tea cups without handles? Is that your phone ringing? Do you have to get that or can you just let it go to voice mail…………………………………. ?

  3. Dorothy said,

    July 28, 2006 at 1:53 pm

    Hi Carrie!
    Try really listening very intently, and then giving a very appropriate and full acknowledgement to those customers that keep on going. Everyone has to take a breath at some time, so jump in there and say something like, “I really understand what you’re saying.” (and do listen, and do understand) Then, you can say something like, “I’ve got to go off and _______” and then walk away if you need to, or just start working on something. It works pretty well.

    Dorothy Lenz

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