Bethany Lowe stuff…

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So, I’m still waiting for my shipment and I’ve been told it went out on May 30th… need to verify that again. A few of you have asked so… if you would like to be notified specifically when the Bethany Lowe 4th of July items arrive, please send me an email: carrieblog@violetsareblue.net. I’ll be sure to let you know and you can have first dibbs of what I get! :)

This stuff sells like hot cakes!!! (who knew?!?) I do have to say tho… their Halloween stuff is amazing… you’ll be seeing a TON of posts about all that.

Sadly, I was unable to get just ONE page of the website done today… too much going on. I vow to get a HUGE start next week. If you happen to be sitting around and you aren’t using some of your energy, would you mind sending it to me? Thanks, very much appreciated! I’ll give you mine when I have some to spare next time ;) I actually used an hour of it on the treadmill a few days ago… so, how do I keep that motivation going??!? Magic spell!?!

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