I disappeared! *poof!*

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Well, I haven’t posted in quite some time… what have I been doing, you ask? (or maybe not) Working on the website, that’s what! yay!

So, it’s a good start! Not completely done or ready for the world to click thru (we can’t even accept credit cards yet, eek!) but it’s starting to come together!

My original plan looked nothing like the above example… it has changed so many times! We are working with Zen Cart and I am learning what it can and cannot do. It makes listing pretty easy, I can add products instantly but the default design is covered in orange… finding and destroying all orange items has been quite the challenge. We will be victorious in this battle over burnt orange navigation bars.

Another reason for lack of motivation in blog world… it has been SO hot.

Went over to weather.com… this is what it spit out… see all the 100’s? The LOW on Wednesday was 90 degrees! I love California but I’m so much happier when it’s cold. I would rather bundle up any day. Whine, whine whine. I know I know. I want to move to the beach. I’m assuming if I say that often enough, it will happen. Beach beach beach. Lots of repetition today… that’s from the lack of movement.

Cindy is coming up today to make bath salts. We’re adding a citrus blend for the summer. Not sure yet but I’m sure I can create something out of my 250-something scent oils. When I start a collection of something, watch out. I want them all. I used to make scratch and sniff books for school projects. It’s one thing to have art you can look at, another to make them smell good… I like to make my audience use as many senses as possible! I’ve been known to serve cake and hand out pretty bags of candy during my art presentations, too. What teacher wouldn’t think of give me an “A” as he/she eats a delicious artsy tie-in cake while watching food being animated? Is that cheating? Someday, I’ll post “The Dirty Dozen”. My stop-motion donut western with delicious actors and actresses. Don’t make that face ;)

Joe made me a fabulous CD he titled “Paris After Dark”. My favorite song is “Boum!” by Charles Trenet, 1938. Joe even made a lovely collaged cover for the CD. As seen below :) We need to encourage Joe to start his own blog. Are you reading this Joe?? :)

Also pictured is the cover of “Sing Girl Sing… Make Boys Dance”. I LOVE a good mix CD!!! Especially when it is made with love :)

Back to work! Let’s see if mr. air conditioner can get under 79 degrees!

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