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So… it’s been a while but the other night, while watching yet another episode of 24, I did my not-so-famous clustering idea drawing thing that I do.

I pull out a stack of magazines and flip pages. I then quickly draw an element from a page that I like. A pattern on a pillow, a framed picture, some flowers… I find tons of inspiration that way! Some people like to clip pictures and collage them into books or large pieces of paper to form one large montage… for some reason, this method has worked the best for me. It’s like putting on special, magical glasses and seeing these images for a second or third time in a different way. I think the accidents are the best… sometimes I grab the wrong color or put an element next to another I normally wouldn’t have… ask any artist, the happy accidents usually become the masterpiece :)

This is part of a painting, a lampshade and some embroidery on a messenger bag. It’s not quite what I was shooting for, but I love the colors together. The little birds make me happy (although in reality that cage is too small) :) I think I’ll take the Eiffel and birdcage elements and use that in a final painting (someday).

This was a picture of an ornate doorway. I elaborated on the ornamental top and then threw some flowers into the middle for fun. This could be a great framework for some other art.
This was actually a painting with a prussian blue frame, the canvas art in the middle, and the odd red panels on the side looked like little velvet curtains or stage curtains to me. I was immediately inspired to create little curtains around our TV in the livingroom. We got a lovely new TV but it’s too big for the cabinet we have. It had doors that closed but had to remove them to fit this monster. If I used some nice upholstery fabric with damask or the like, I could swag it over the top and down the sides like an old movie theatre! I could use a curtain rod and little drawstrings to close the curtains when it’s not showtime. But that is project #2,304 for another day :)
More blue and red together… I actually have a very similar vase up at the shop… it currently has seashore colored flowers in it… I’m thinking red and blue together for the next big window display? It’s not a common color-combo for decorating but oh how I love it so :)

I think this was a pillow with little chi-chi balls on the outside? Can’t remember. But, I liked the colors together and I think I may do this in a tile/chintz pattern. Little pink roses, lavender and pink and blue flowers. Could be cute.

This was just a texture study with wallpaper patterns, floor patterns, a plate and an interesting wood wall. The far right one was actually a plain wood wall grey-washed but somehow, I made it all brown. It looked really neat in the picture.

So, there you have it… one thursday evening and some mini-inspiration :) If I log it all, I may actually refer back to it ;) Consider yourself logged you little rascals! (where is this coming from tonight??)


  1. Michele said,

    June 19, 2006 at 5:54 am

    I love these! What a great idea. I also think blue and red are a great color combo. Not very common, I agree, but that’s the best part! Do it!

  2. Graycee said,

    June 19, 2006 at 10:34 am

    All of your ideas look really good. I especially love the ‘tulip’ drawing . . . not just the colors, but the overall look. Those birds are really cute too!

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