Dr. Phil vs. Mr. Clean

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Last night we were up late watching the first 4 episodes of 24 from the first season. I’m hooked… dang it. Today was my day off, so after lunch with Nathan I started tidying and watching a re-run of Oprah… somehow, I forgot to flip to my favorite lady, Judge Judy… but after Oprah, I flipped over to Dr. Phil.

I have no idea why… but after I watch an entire episode of Dr. Phil, I get the overwhelming compusion to clean. And clean I did. I scrubbed, I vacuumed, I did dishes… I was a HUGE distraction to Nathan who was trying to get some work done. Not to mention, I was scaring the dog with all the moving of furniture. I’m hoping that someday, this will make sense… why does Dr. Phil make me feel dirty? My theory is one of the following:
1. Dr. Phil reminds me of Mr. Clean
2. The people on the show have such chaos in their lives, I feel I can take care of my chaos in one afternoon
3. The irritation of seeing them air their dirty laundry reminds me to do mine.
4. Watching Dr. Phil sends the smell of lemony disinfectant to my brain, making me want to scrub, scrub, scrub.

Am I the only one with this issue??

The moon is completely full outside the back door to my left. We rearranged our office so that I can look outside now… I just realized how nice it is! By rearranging the office all the overflow has piled into my art room. So, it has turned into the “we can’t find anything in there” abyss room. But, it was all for a good cause… Nathan got a new keyboard and he has started composing music! His first song is quite lovely! So, the art room is now… scary.

I only show you this because it may force me to actually do something about it. Again, I SHOULD be working on the website but… wouldn’t I need a clean and functional create-a-torium before I did that? Notice my photo tent, the assorted lights, light box, tripod, jigsaw, dry mount heat press, baking soda, tv, drafting table and chair… and about 4 inches of walking space. I want little shadowboxes everywhere. Little shelves filled with little clear jars of beads, paint brushes… everything neat and tidy and pretty. I have a stack of magazines that are taller than an 8-year old child. Any creative ways to have them “out” but not really “out”? I don’t want to go to Ikea, but I might… let me loose in the container store…either way credit cards get maxed out. Need to start thinking of some creative and less expensive storage solutions.
True to form, and totally random… I’m posting another creme brulee picture. This is from the Bellagio hotel… three troughs of brulee, each with a different flavor. I didn’t show the after picture… do you question why?
I didn’t post this before, but here are a few pictures from my Mom’s graduation! Unfortunately, the inside photos didn’t turn out so well, but we got a few outdoor shots that turned out great! Here she is getting ready to sit down! She’s the smiley one in the middle!
Here’s Mom, her brother Bill and Uncle Tom! I think they are all looking in totally different directions!
Happy flowered Babs the graduate.

Nathan and Scott are in the living room working on our new TV hookup. Scott just exclaimed… “Look guys! You have the static channel!” and now they are watching “Cool as Ice“. Boys.

We’re going to look at wedding pictures now… so I best be off! (Then we’ll probably be up until dawn watching more 24… curses) Back to a regular work week tomorrow! :)

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  1. Michele said,

    June 13, 2006 at 9:12 am

    That’s so funny about your Dr. Phil theory!

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