They got hitched! (finally!) **Updated June 17!!**

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First, I have to mention that our Cottage Style photo shoot was today. Really… it was all about my Mom’s cottage house but it had lots of items from the shop and a few of my handmade things poking out here and there so I’m super thrilled! I was up at the shop all day (and it was really busy!) so I got phone call updates… wish I could have been there!! There was talk of even using one of the photos on the cover! Wowee wow… wow…. I mean…. uh, no big deal ;) So, everyone was really nice, creative… lots of flowers, fruit and cakes sprinkled here and there… and the dogs even got in some of the pictures… little hams that they are. One of the polaroid proofs had Biscuit and Barkley sitting on the couch next to each other (I mean, come on, who are they fooling!) looking at the camera, heads slightly tilted and just adorable. I’ll put more info on the next post including info on the stylist, photographer and possibly a few proofs!

So… the wedding of the century has happened and they are hitched! Scott and Alicia, that is. I consider these two to be in the top 5 of the most important people in our lives… they got bumped up after purchasing their Disneyland Annual passes ;) hehe… they know I’m kidding.

So, we skidded in Tuesday night after a long drive through the desert. We started the evening off with what Scott likes to call the “pre-ception” at the Luxor Steakhouse. Super great, everything is drenched in butter. Next, we got ready and got Alicia in her dress. Keep in mind these two are far from anything traditional… I asked her about centerpieces, for example, and she said “do I look like a centerpiece sort of person?!?” Ahhh, Alicia. She didn’t want a cake but I secretly got that together… look at the pictures, does she look like someone who didn’t enjoy the traditional cake cutting? I think not!! :) With that all said, you’ll notice she did not have a white dress and her veil is a mix of pinks and black with lots of rhinestones. She looked amazing :)

She had a pink dress with a black tulle layer above with black ovals and little glittery dots.
Alicia’s Mom on the left, then Alicia, her sister Marji on the bed and I’m hiding behind her.
More futzing with the veil as Alicia puts her face on.
We sprinted down to the lobby to get into our vehicles and get to the wedding chapel. Half of us got there on time and the other half sat down to hear Alicia say “I do…” with some misting… and then… “You may now kiss the bride”. It was THAT quick!!! They look SO happy here!!
This is a typical Alicia look… like… “uh-uh you aren’t going to do that…” I have no idea what they are talking about, but this is one of my favorites :)

Below, this is what they flashed on the marquee outside of the wedding chapel!

After the 6 minute wedding, we headed over to The Mix lounge over at TheHotel at Mandalay Bay. I had NO idea it was up on the 64th floor. Aaaallll the way up in a glass elevator.
This is the view from their balcony. Also, if you use their restroom, you go into a stall and close the door behind you… when you… uh-hem, sit down… you are looking out onto the world below. Floor to ceiling glass, spotlight on you that reflects on the inside as you look outside onto the twinkling lights. It was a tad disturbing even though you know nobody can see in :) Really, really cool, too.
So, this is the drawing of the cake I designed for them. I wanted it to match her dress but have a wedding and formal look to it. All pink and black. I was having a hard time deciding between fondant with real or gum paste roses… square or round…. etc etc etc. The possibilities are endless! I contacted several bakeries but went with a bakery that was inside of the Mandalay Bay. The top was chocolate, the bottom vanilla.
Here is how the cake turned out… I think it was beautiful! And it was quite tasty! I purchased the cake from The Chocolate Swan and the owner, Mary, put it all together for me AND delivered it to the Mix. Alicia had NO IDEA she was getting a cake (I think) and it was fun to surprise her with it! I sent the black and white polka dot ribbon via priority mail and Mary got it the afternoon of the wedding… just a few HOURS before we were going to cut it!. Believe it or not, that is all butter cream icing smoothed out and the only fondant is the pink ovals on the top tier.
Scott and Alicia cutting the cake. Alicia… I got the cutter and server while you were shopping with me! Sorry I had to be so pushy… “go to the car and stay there!” hehe
They didn’t make a mess… they were cute and dainty ;)
They are so utterly and completely happy in this picture.

This happens to be in front of the group’s meeting spot for the 3 days we were there. “meet in front of the Porsche” was heard as well as “gooooo team!” on several occasions. Thanks to Melissa for the good wrangling skills. What did Nathan say? It’s like herding cats. I chuckled just now.

And this is my absolute favorite picture… I have no idea what is going on right there, but it’s on the right and it’s making them happy :)

I’m sure I’m forgetting something…. but it was a great trip and it was so awesome to see those two so happy :) Reminder…Don’t call Alicia “Mrs…” anything… she doesn’t like it ;)

No big wins to report (in the land of monetary)… we did get hooked on this penny slot that actually took 50 cents at a time… but they made lots of noises and we could all sit in a circle and swap stories and giggle… so it was a lot of fun. I went barefoot at this point… the floors in Vegas… quite dirty… ;)

Now what do I do for a distraction? :) “Oh, look… there’s Elvis!” Didn’t say that once while we were there… for real… shucks ;)

********UPDATE JUNE 17, 2006!!!!*********************

And now, for your viewing pleasure, you can see the wedding of the century on video! The audio is lousy, but Alicia and Scott each say 2 words… you don’t have to hear everything perfectly, you can see their joy and misty-ness!!

So, click HERE to view their I do’s!

I also got an email full of jolly pictures from the wedding via Scott’s sister Carol! She took some awesome candids and behind the scenes pictures of the limo ride and the ride in the elevator… take a look!

Here is Scott and Carol waiting for Alicia to come down from the bridal suite. This was in front of the infamous Porsche that someone may actually win by doing something at the Luxor. We were there for hitching, not gambling… of course!
Here is the inside view of the bridal carriage that took them all to the Viva Las Vegas Wedding chapel. They were having more fun than they should have! Meanwhile, the white toyota minivan full of the misfits of the party were lost on Frank Sinatra Blvd and hitting all sorts of traffic and road construction. In the limo, starting at the left, Melissa (Scott’s “Best Man”), Bob (Carol’s Fiance), Tom (Alicia’s Dad), Linda (Alicia’s Mom) and Marji (Alicia’s Sister).
Scott and Alicia properly hydrating before they say their vows. Calm. Cool. Collected. They were cucumbers!
The “Best Man” and the Maid of Honor. That confused the photographer.
We look confused. Maybe it’s just me?
They do!
Now onto the Mix… here’s Sarah and Melissa!
Carol and Scott
The odd cake setup. It was dark in there, there was movement.
close up of the cake!
Alicia is apparently afraid of elevators. AND I found out tonight that she used to do roller skate dancing with frilly skirts and choreographed routines! I’ve learned SO much about this one these past few weeks!
Here we are going down 64 some-odd floors. It was a tad nerve-wracking. We all made squeeling noises the whole way down. I think?
Love… in an elevator.

I’m sure I’ll get more pictures later… but until then! Happy matching rings you two!


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  2. Babs said,

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    Okay, I’m all teary-eyed after watching the wedding nuptials video. Congratulations Scott and Alicia — it couldn’t have happened to two nicer people! Love, Babs

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    Since I couldn’t attend the EVENT – am so greatly enjoying your pix AND commentary!!
    Thank you so much!!

  4. Tracy Rahn Ambrose said,

    June 24, 2006 at 2:44 pm

    Congratulations Scott,
    I heard from Carol that you got married-I hope that you have a wonderful life. It was great to see the pictures.

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    August 1, 2006 at 3:54 pm

    Great pictures. Mad props to Alicia and Scott from back in sweltering Gaithersburg MD (the old neighborhood)

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