It was so hot today…

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I didn’t feel like doing much of anything… but I went up to the shop and got a bunch of paperwork done. It was 92 when I got there says mr. thermostat. I was there for 9 hours and the a/c got it down to 82. I may have to offer ice blocks at the door if this continues!

New offerings on ebay:

More glass necklaces :)

I want to work on some combs and barrettes, wrapping wire then adding semi-precious stones and pearls. I’ll make one for the dress I’m wearing (which is actually SUPER cute and flattering) at the wedding and see how it does, if it tangles in my hair etc etc… of course I’ll probably be constructing this item in the car near the world’s largest thermometer! That website reminds me… We saw Elizabethtown over the weekend, and although the story was… hokie in (most) parts, I love the idea of a travel journal like the one Claire (Kirsten Dunst) made. Drawings, pictures, maps and stories behind all the little places she has been. I really want to try to do that someday. Although, a trip thru the desert to get to Las Vegas would yield nothing… there is nothing to see on that trip. “Gateway to Death Valley”… something to boast?

We leave for Scott and Alicia’s wedding on Tuesday… I just finished her veil. I’m frightened that I’ve put more rhinestones than she would like on it… eek! I’ll post pictures later, hopefully she’ll be smiling.

We went to my Mom’s graduation from the University of Phoenix on Saturday! We bombarded her with leis and I made a 2006 graduate charm bracelet with the school’s colors (garnet and citrine). Finished that the night before…I tend to get my best work done at 2 am before the event. Surprise :) We ate at Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen up at downtown Disney… funny how we always end up doing something in or near Disneyland. I had the Jambalaya and some garlic bread with mozzarella. Divine :)

We’ll be gone until Thursday afternoon… we have quite the few days ahead of us… and we are going to see “O” (cirque de soleil) at the Bellagio on Wednesday evening… the best show in the world, hands down.

OH! and keep your thoughts with my cousin Allison who is being induced on Tuesday. It’s her 3rd baby and they opted on not knowing the sex. They have one of each already, this is just going to be icing on the cake ;)

Hope we come back to cooler weather… please please! :) well, I just looked it up and Vegas is going to be 104, 102 and 97 while we are there (it was 107 today! eek!) So, coming back to 84 degree weather is going to be a HUGE treat!

Weddings, babies, graduations, photo shoots, birthday parties! phew! This month is getting busier by the second!

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